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Yangtze River Best Place to Visit Ⅳ


As Chongqing is one of the municipalities of China, Shanghai is also the municipality. Along Yangtze River, there are many attractions on Yangtze River such as some coastal cities – Chongqing, Yichang, Shanghai, Wuhan and Nanjing. Besides that, there are many other scenic spots in Yangtze River history such as Three Gorges Dam, Three Gorges, White Emperor City, Fengdu Ghost City and Mt. Wushan.

Yangtze River Best Place to Visit Ⅳ – Shanghai Introduction

Shanghai Municipality is the largest city of China and it is one of the four municipalities of China. As the central city of China, Shanghai is also the center of Chinese economy, technology, manufacture, finance, trade, exhibition and navigation.

Shanghai situated at the Yangtze River estuary which owns the largest foreign trade port and industrial base of China.

Shanghai is also the new tourism city of China with long history and high technology. In 2010, Shanghai hold the World Expo.

Yangtze River Best Place to Visit Ⅳ – Shanghai History

In Shang-Zhou Dynasty

Shanghai history could date back to late Shang Dynasty. One of the Prince went to Shanghai to establish a new state which called Wu. After the fall of the country, Shanghai was divided into Yue State.

In Zhou-Tang Dynasty

In Zhou-Tang Dynasty, Shanghai built the earliest town called Shencheng. After the fall of Chu State, Haiyan County was established in Shencheng. During Three Kingdoms period, Huating town the north part of Haixian County was gradually developed. In Sui Dynasty, Huating Town gradually became a business city.

Yangtze River Best Place to Visit Ⅳ– Shanghai Population

At the end of 2011, there are 23.4746 million people living in Shanghai Municipality. The permanent resident population's natural rate of growth is 1.87%.

Yangtze River Best Place to Visit Ⅳ– Shanghai Climate

Shanghai situated in northern subtropical monsoon climate with rich sunlight and rainfall. Shanghai's climate is warm. The highest temperature in summer is 40.2℃. The lowest temperature in winter is -12.1℃. The spring and autumn are short but the winter and hot are long.

Yangtze River Best Place to Visit Ⅳ– Shanghai Hydrology

There are many rivers and lakes in Shanghai Municipality. The water coverage is 697 square kilometers accounting for 11% of the whole city.

Shanggai mainly has Huangpu River and Yangtze River. Huangpu River originates from Anji with 113 kilometers long. It crosses through the downtown of Shanghai. The water surface is 300-770 meters. Huangpu River has no frozen time in the whole year.

The largest lake in Shanghai is DIanshan Lake, which covers 62 square kilometers.

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