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2012 China (Chongqing) International Cloud Computing Expo

Cloud Computing Expo

2012 China (Chongqing) International Cloud Computing Expo – Introduction

2012 China (Chongqing) International Cloud Computing Expo will be held since 22nd March in Nanping International Exhibition Center, Nanan District, Chongqing Municipality. It will last three days to the 24th, March. This is the first time to hold the large Cloud Computing Expo in China. It includes all of advanced technological methods. It is supported by Chongqing Municipal Government.

2012 China (Chongqing) International Cloud Computing Expo – Contents

Cloud Exhibition Area: data center's construction and operation and the service solution.

Terminal user: cloud computing production, service and solution

Communication network: communication network service system and network equipment

Cloud application production: cloud service, transportation cloud, healthy cloud, safety cloud, easy living cloud, medium-sized and small enterprises cloud, commercial cloud, manufacturing cloud, communication cloud, education cloud, tourism cloud, geography cloud, family cloud and so on.

Wisdom city: cloud computing exhibition

Chongqing Fly to Helsinki Directly – Chongqing Municipality

Chongqing, one of the four municipalities of China, is located at the southwestern part of China. It is one of the important cities in China and also the economy center of upper reaches of Yangtze River. As the famous historical and cultural city listed by the State Council, it has a long history. With the steep hills and fogs, Chongqing is also called Mountain City or Foggy City. This city was flowed through by famous Yangtze River and Jialing River, thus it has a long Yangtze River history. With the magnificent and impressive scenery on the Rivers, Yangtze Cruise ships along the Yangtze River

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