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Yangtze River Best Places to Visit Ⅰ

Sengguan Temple

In Yangtze River history, there are many scenery spots long Yangtze River such as Three Gorges Dam, Three Gorges, Fengdu Ghost City, and Mt. Wushan. Nowadays, more and more people choose to take Yangtze Cruise to enjoy such attractions along Yangtze River.

Yangtze River Best Places to Visit – Sengguan Temple Introduction

Sengguan Temple is situated at the top of Tieshanping, Jiangbei District, Chongqing Municipality. Sengguan Temple was built in Sui Dynasty. In Ming-Qing Dynasty, there are 300 monks in the temple. On the 3rd May, 2007, the Sengguan Temple was officially opened to public again.

Yangtze River Best Places to Visit – Sengguan Temple Construction

Sengguan Temple mainly consists of Daxiong Hall and Caishen Hall. It was the institution of controlling monks in feudal society. The relative monks' regime was used in late Qin Dynasty. During that time, the abbots have to study in Sengguan Temple before taking the position.

There are many buildings in the Sengguan Temple such as Guanyin Hall, Old Temple, 7-floor high tower, stone lion, stone elephant and bell tower, which the bell tower has the largest bronze bell of Chongqing Municipality. The bell tower is 1.5 meters high and 5 ton in weight. It has 2 meters of diameter. It is called the largest pray bronze bell. Thus Sengguan Temple becomes one of Yangtze River best places to visit.

When Sengguan Temple renovated, the 7-floor tower was found at that time. But the treasure in first floor was missing. There are 4 Buddhist statues at the bottom. On the second floor, there is one misty auspicious picture. On the third floor, there is one Lotus painting which preserved well. After years, the spire of the tower was hard to see now. According to archeological data, the 7-floor tower has 500-1000 years history. It is the most precious treasure of the 7-floor tower.

Yangtze River Best Places to Visit – Chongqing

Chongqing was a wartime capital in last century, and now it is one of the four municipalities of China. It has around 30 million people living this place. Chongqing is famous for its hot-pot, Yangtze River and Jialing River, beautiful girls, dense mountains, waters, caves and hot weather.

In Yangtze River history, there are many scenery spots in Chongqing such as Fengdu Ghost City, Three Gorges, Mt. Wushan, Fairy Mountain, Chaotianmen Port.

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