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Yangtze Cruise Navigation Facts

Yangtze Cruise

Yangtze Cruise in Yangtze River History

In 1949, there were only 813 Yangtze Cruises and freighters ship along Yangtze River. The ships are mostly little wooden boat.

In 2008, there were 150000 Yangtze Cruises ship along Yangtze River, which could support the weight of 50 million ton. There are more and more navigation industries started working for Yangtze River business.

The freighter on Yangtze River becomes more professional and normative. The economic growth freighter volume keeps increasing.

Yangtze Cruise Navigation Structure

On the 19th March, Yangtze Cruise Navigation Structure meeting was held. According to Yangtze Rive history and Yangtze Cruise price history, the Yangtze Cruise Navigation structure will be adjusted. Now, some of the Yangtze Cruise has a long history and long transportation distance with lots of passengers. The old Yangtze Cruises have to change for safety. Thus the Yangtze Cruise Navigation and Yangtze Cruise Price will be changed at that time.

There are lots of difficulties on Yangtze Cruise navigation structure, but it is also the good opportunity of promoting. Based on the Yangtze River condition and Yangtze Cruise facts, the schedule of changing Yangtze Cruise navigation will be aimed at promoting the Yangtze Cruise development.

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