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Suburbs Scenery of Chongqing

Hot Spring

Chongqing Brief Introduction

Chongqing, one of the four municipalities of China, is located at the southwestern part of China. It is one of the important cities in China and also the economy center of upper reaches of Yangtze River. As the famous historical and cultural city listed by the State Council, it has a long history. With the steep hills and fogs, Chongqing is also called Mountain City or Foggy City. This city was flowed through by famous Yangtze River and Jialing River, thus it has a long Yangtze River history. With the magnificent and impressive scenery on the Rivers, Yangtze Cruise ships along the Yangtze River.

Qijiang District Scenery of Chongqing

Qijiang District is the southern gate of Chongqing municipality. It is called Nanzhou in ancient times. Qijiang features karst landform and hills.

Gujian Mountain

Gujian Mountain is a famous original ecological tourist attraction of Chongqing Municipality. There are full of dense forests, rocks and rivers. The famous Buddhism temple situates in Gujian Mountain such as Jingyin Temple.

Nowadays, Gujian Mountain becomes one of the favorite forest parks of Chongqing. It has much negative oxygen ion in Gujian Mountain, which is beneficial to people's health.

Stone Carving Art Museum

Qijiang District also features the folk customs. Because more of 16 nationalities living in Qijiang District such as Miao minority, Yi minority and Tujia minority. The Stone Carving Art Museum situates at the top of the forest park. There are full of 100 statues of Ming Dynasty.

Fuling Scenery of Chongqing

Fuling is famous for hot pickled mustard tuber. Fuling was the capital of Ba State in ancient times. Thus there are full of historic relics.

There is a famous natural stone wall with 10-15 meters in width and 1600 meters long. It stretches from west to east. There is still a inscription on the wall. Besides, there are full of other inscriptions in Fuling District.

Around the July, the varieties of flowers bloom in Fuling District. Fuling District is called the Provence of Chongqing by people.

Wulong County Scenery of Chongqing

Wulong County is the famous World Natural Heritages Site. Some of the scenic spots such as Fairy Mountain National Forests Park, Furong Cave, Tiankengdifeng, and Tianshengdanqiao feature the karst landform of Wulong County.

The group of Tiankeng scenery is the only explored in China even the world. It formed by the surface erosion.

Banan Scenery of Chongqing

Banan District originally named Yiba County. It has a long history and rich water resource. Banan District is famous for hot springs such as East hot spring. Since Ming Dynasty, people began to have naked bath in East hot spring.

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