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Yangtze Chinese Dragon Cruise – Yangtze Emperor Cruise


Chongqing becomes more popular in the world and more and more people travel to Chongqing. Chongqing features Yangtze Cruise and Three Gorges scenery and other attractions. There are many Yangtze Cruises from Chongqing such as Yangtze Victoria Cruise, Yangtze Chinese Dragon Cruise, Yangtze New Century Cruise and Yangtze President Cruise.

Yangtze Emperor Cruise Introduction

Yangtze Emperor Cruise is the newest five-star deluxe cruise and the first tourism cruise with sightseeing elevator. Yangtze Emperor Cruise features deluxe design and unique decoration combining the eastern and western style.

Yangtze Emperor Cruise is one of the Chinese Dragon Cruises. In Yangtze River history, Yangtze Chinese Dragon Cruise offers the comfortable service with preeminent facilities. Yangtze Chinese Dragon Cruise mainly cruises between Chongqing Municipality and Yichang City.

As to the facilities on Yangtze Chinese Dragon Cruise, it includes the personal balcony in each room. Tourists can enjoy the attractions personally along Yangtze River any time. There are also including dance hall, KTV, bar and coffee, Chess and Card Room, reading room and gymnasium and so on. Besides that, Yangtze Chinese Dragon also includes treatment room, Beauty parlor, and shopping center.

Yangtze Chinese Dragon Cruise Route

In all of the Yangtze Cruises from Chongqing, Yangtze Chinese Dragon Cruise travel along Yangtze River with a long time.

Yangtze Emperor Cruise is a five-diamond ship. It first sailed in 2003 and decorated in 2008. Yangtze Emperor Cruise includes 83 standard rooms, 3 commercial suites, 2 deluxe suites and 2 president suites.

Yangtze Three Kingdom Cruise first sailed in 1996 and decorated in 2003. It includes 87 standard rooms and 2 Emperor Suites.

Yangtze Pinghu is a five-diamond ship. It first cruised in 1993 and decorated in 2002. It includes 80 standard rooms and 2 president suites.