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Yangtze Cruise History

Yangtze Cruise

Introduction of Yangtze Cruise History

As well as the Yangtze River history, Yangtze Cruise also has a long history. Nowadays, there are many Yangtze Cruise from Chongqing such as Yangtze Victoria Cruise, New Century Cruise.

Actually, in ancient times, Yangtze Cruise originates from the wooden official ships which have some floors. At the time, the wooden official ships cruises only by wind power and people. About 150 years ago, hundreds of boat trackers will help Yangtze Cruise when it countercurrent cruises.

From Yichang City to Chongqing City, it will take one month.

Details of Yangtze Cruise History

In early times, Americans lead the navigation on Yangtze River with the advantage technology. And then, British began to do business on Yangtze Cruise.

In 1890, Chongqing became the commercial port. British built a wooden steamship with 17 meters long and it started working on the 24th February, 1898. It is the first Yangtze Cruise on Yangtze River named Lichuan. Lichuan cost 25 days arriving in Chongqing with limited conditions.

Yangtze Cruise fast developed since 1920-1930s. From Shanghai to Chongqing, people have to take Yangtze Cruise to Wuhan City firstly and then take a little boat to go to Chongqing. The waterways are dangerous with rapid water speed. Besides that, there are many dangerous shoals on Yangtze River. In winter, Yangtze Cruise is not allowed to pass through. At that time, most of foreigners come to China for business but not for travel.

In 1949, after the establishment of New China, Yangtze River navigation ability was improved. Yangtze Cruise began to allowed to pass through Yangtze River in whole year even in the night.

After the construction of Gezhou Dam Project, the navigation ability was more advanced. In 1950-1970, there are regular Yangtze Cruise in Shanghai, Wuhan and Chongqing.

Since 1978, after the China's revolution, Chinese economy develops as soon as possible as well as the traffic conditions. More and more roads have been constructed. Thus, Yangtze Cruise for business developed slowly. Instead, many Yangtze Cruise for travel began to promote. At the time, Americans firstly developed the Yangtze Cruise for travel. The name of the first Yangtze Cruise for travel is called Century Star.

In 1983, Yangtze Travel Cruise came into service which means Yangtze River travel business began to develop. Since the construction of Three Gorges Dam Project, Yangtze River travel promoted very fast. Nowadays, many Yangtze Cruise cruises on Yangtze River. Some of them were constructed by Chinese people and some of them are constructed by foreigners.