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Scenic Spots in Qamdo Prefecture

Champalin Monastery

Qamdo Prefecture is a beautiful, vast and rich area in the valleys of Jinsha River, Hujiang River and Lancang River. It is located at the foot of Hengduan Mountain. It attracts tourists both at home and abroad with its wonderful mountains, rivers, dense forests, historical sites and local folk customs.

Scenic Spots in Qamdo Prefecture – Champalin Monastery

Champalin Monastery is one of the biggest monasteries in the U area. It was built by Xerb Songbo – a disciple of Zonggaba, leader of the Yellow Sect. The main living Buddhas of the monastery received titles of nobility offered by the Qing imperial court. Until today, the monastery houses a bronze seal offered by Emperor Kangxi of Qing Dynasty to the living Buddha Pebala and a horizontal board with an inscription by Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty. The monastery also stored many statues of Buddha, murals and Thangkas, which are of high appreciation value.

Scenic Spots in Qamdo Prefecture – Karub Ruins

Karub Ruins is one of the three large primeval cultural ruins in Tibet. It has a history of more than 4000 years and could be dated back to the Neolithic Age. It is located in Karub Village of Jagka District. It is about 12 kilometers away from the Qamdo County Seat. It is 3100 meters above the sea level and covers an area of 10000 square meters. It is proved that Karub Ruins was a large-scale village in ancient times.

Scenic Spots in Qamdo Prefecture – Hongla Mountain Ecological Tourist Area

Hongla Mountain Ecological Tourist Area is a nature reserve of Tibet Autonomous Region. It has an average elevation of 2300 meters to 4400 meters. It is a habitat of some 200 rare golden monkeys which are on the verge of extinction. The three dimensional-ecology scenery is magnificent. Tourists here could enjoy the snow-clad mountains, forests, golden monkeys, canyons and valleys.

Scenic Spots in Qamdo Prefecture – Chamoling Wild Deer Domestication Tourist Area

There are many scenic spots in the Chamoling Wild Deer Domestication Tourist Area, such as the Chayima Grand Hal, Karmardo Pagoda Forest, Norong Valley, Holy Mountain Deqing Photrang, Yiri Hot Spring and highland pastures.

All the scenic spots here could be reached by bus. There are hotels and restaurants in Riwoqe County. Some 30 kiometers from the county seat, there are the Chagyima Grand Hall and Holy Mountain Deqing Photrang, Chamoling and wild deer domestication center, Norong Valley, Kamardo Pagoda Forest and Riwoqe County seat.