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Natural Landscapes in Nagqu Prefecture

Lake Nam Co

Nagqu Prefecture is located on the worldly famous North Tibet Plateau. It is more than 4500 meters above the sea level. It is 338 kilometers from Lhasa and at the juncture of the Qinghai-Tibet Highway, northern section of the Sichuan-Tibet Highway and Heihe Highway. Nagqu Prefecture is noted for its beautiful natural landscapes, such as the Holy Lake Nam Co and Mountain Nyainqentanglha.

Natural Landscapes in Nagqu Prefecture - Mountain Nyainqentanglha

Mountain Nyainqentanglha is the line of demarcation between the Yarlung Zangbo River and the Nujiang River. It extends for about 600 kilometers. The 7162-meter-high main peak stands in Damxung County and is surrounded by more than 6000 meters high, of which four are more than 7000 meters high. It is 110 kilometers from Yangbajain to Panuco. By the exit of the Panuco River is the camp for mountaineering the mountain with an elevation of 4800 meters.

Natural Landscapes in Nagqu Prefecture – Lake Nam Co

Lake Nam Co is the highest lake in the world. It is 4718 meters above the sea level. It is 72 kilometers long from east to west and 30 kilometers wide from south to north. It covers an area of 1940 square kilometers. Some 60 kilometers to the northwest of Damxung County seat, it is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet and receives high respects among the local people. On the Tibetan year of sheep, pilgrims from faraway come here to walk around the lake. It takes more than 10 days to walk around the lake at least.

Natural Landscapes in Nagqu Prefecture – Paingar Yangxoi Scenic Spot

Paingar Yangxoi Scenic Spot in Paingar Area of Biru County enjoys a comfortable climate and a beautiful surrounding. Tourists could travel along Paingar, Naru, Punzom and arrive in the Yangxoi Scenic Spot. The whole journey is 110 kilometers long. In Naru, the famous White and Blue lake scenic spots are covered with various flowers and green grass. In Punzom, there is a famous holy mountain. Along the Punzom Valley, tourists could come back to the Yangxoi Scenic Spot. There is a beautiful natural landscape in the valley.

Natural Landscapes in Nagqu Prefecture – Geladandong

Geladandong is the origin of Yangtze River. Geladandong of Nagqu Prefecture is 140 kilometers away from Nagqu Town. The transportation here is very convenient. The origin of Yangtze River is about 6621 meters above the sea level. Geladandong is worldly famous as the origin of Yangtze River.

In Tibetan, Geladandong means an ice carved Buddha group because the snow-covered peaks look like ice carved Buddhas. To its southwest, stand glaciers and ice pagodas on the Jangainterug Mountains. These glaciers and pagodas in various shapes are of high appreciation value.