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Scenic Spots in Xigaze Prefecture

Deqen Galsang Pozhang

Xigaze is a famous cultural city of Tibet. It has a history of more than 500 years. It is about 3800 meters above the sea level. Xigaze has been a place in which Bainqen Erdini Lamas of various historical stages were authenticated. It is also a political and religious center in rear Tibet.

Scenic Spots in Xigaze Prefecture - Deqen Galsang Pozhang

Deqen Galsang Pozhang is called the Summer Palace of Bainqen. It is located at the southwestern part of Xigaze. It covers an area of 500,000 square meters. The living chamber and office of the Bainqen Lama are located here. There are 5 scripture halls of various scale and more than 100 Buddhist statues standing in the halls. Visitors here could also enjoy a pastoral sight here since there are cultivated fields with vegetables and crops and herds of cattle and sheep.

Scenic Spots in Xigaze Prefecture – Zham Town

Zham Town is a small mountainous town bordering with Nepal. It is about 2300 meters above the sea level. Its houses are built along the mountain slope. Many Nepalese businessmen come here for business. Tourists to Nepal will have a short stay here. Some of them just join the one-day tour to Nepal.

Scenic Spots in Xigaze Prefecture – Kamba Castle

Kamba Castle is an ancient earth and brick castle. It is located to the northeast of Kamba County seat and was a defensive point of the Kamba tribe. It is 400 kilometers from Lhasa to Kamba via Nagarze, Kangmar. It is a frontier camp now. Tourists should obtain the permission for a visit.

Scenic Spots in Xigaze Prefecture – Lake Paiku Co

Lake Paiku Co is located in Nyalam County. It is the largest lake in Xigaze Prefecture which covers an area of more than 300 square kilometers. It is in the breast of Three Mountains and is rich in fish resources. Its neighboring areas are inhabited by wildlife such as wild horses, wild donkeys and yellow ducks.