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Scenic Spots in Shannan Prefecture

Yombulagang Palace

With the development of Tibet tourism, Shannan Prefecture keeps attracting an increasingly number of visitors both at home and abroad here to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and experience its special culture recent years.

Yalong Scenic Area in Shannan Prefecture is a picturesque gallery composed of pastureland, river valleys, the snow-clapped mountains and glaciers and ancient religious sites. The customs are unigue here. It also has rich varieties of plantations, distributed vertically according to the changes of elevation. The historical and cultural sites include the earliest palace Yombulagang in Tibet, the first monastery Samyae Monastery in Tibet, the earliest Buddhist hall Changzhug Monastery and the tombs of the Tibetan kings. There are about 40 scenic spots in Yalong Scenic Area.

Scenic Spots in Shannan Prefecture – Yombulagang Palace

Yombulagang Palace is located in Nedong County, about eight kilometers to the south of Zetang Town is. It is the first palace in Tibetan history. It is said that the palace was built in the second century B.C. by the first king Nyatri Tsanpo. It houses the statues of the three-world Buddhas and Tsanpos of various historical stages including Nyatri Tsanpo, Lhatu Turi Niantsan, Rabajin, Songtsan Gambo and Trissong Detsen.

Scenic Spots in Shannan Prefecture – Hot Spring in Oiga

In a small pastureland in the Oiga Town there are seven hot springs. The spring water is effective for treating the stomach and eye diseases and welcomed by local people. Of these hot springs, the Choluka Hot Spring is exclusive for the Dalai Lamas of various historical stages. The hot springs in Oiga boast beautiful sceneries and a unique local folklore. In the spring and summer, flocks of people come here for bathing.

Scenic Spots in Shannan Prefecture – Kanggardo Mountain

Kanggardo Mountain in Cona County is 7060 meters above sea level. Covered by snow year round, the topography is lower in southern section and higher in northern section. Its main peak is surrounded by dozens of peaks with an elevation of more than 6000 meters. There are many glaciers in its valley. The mountain slopes and gullys are covered with dense forests teeming with various kinds of wildlife such as wild donkeys and Mongolian gazelles.

Scenic Spots in Shannan Prefecture – Lake Yamzho Yumco

Lake Yamzho Yumco is located in Nagarze County in Shannan Prefecture. It is about 4400 meters above the sea level. It covers an area of 800 square kilometers and is 30-40 meters deep. Yamzho means upper pasture and Yum means green jade in Tibetan. Take a bird-eye view, the lake is like a big piece of sapphire inlaid in the mountains and is very beautiful.

Scenic Spots in Shannan Prefecture – Tombs of Tibetan Kings

Tombs of Tibetan Kings is on the Mure Mountain opposite to Qonggyai County seat in Shannan Prefecture. It is the only group of the tombs of the Tibetan kings in Tibet and has a history of more than 1300 years. Today, only nine of them are visible, and only those of Songtsan Gambo and Trisong Detsen can be verified.