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Monasteries of Shannan Prefecture

Samyae Monastery

It is widely known that Shanna Prefecture is the birthplace of Tibetan culture. It has rich and profound monastery culture. The monasteries are the must-go places for visitors came to Shannan Prefecture.

Monasteries of Shannan Prefecture - Samyae Monastery

Samyae Monastery is located at on the northern bank of Yarlung Zambo River in Chanang County of Shannan Prefecture. It was built in 779 under the supervision of Master Padmasambhava and Tibetan King Trisong Detsen. It is the first monastery for the monks in Tibet.

The magnificent and unique Central Hall is three-story high. The first floor is of the Tibetan architectural style, the second floor is of the Han Dynasty style and the third floor is of the Indian style. There are many statues and murals in the hall. The bronze bells carved with marble lions and tablets in the monastery marking the development of Buddhism. All these are valuable cultural relics.

Monasteries of Shannan Prefecture – Minzholing Monastery

Minzholing Monastery was built in the late 10th century. It has got this name since it was rebuilt in 1677. It is one of the three great monasteries of the Rnyingma Sect. The monastery has paid attention to the research of Buddhist classics, astronomical calendar, calligraphy rhetoric and Tibetan medicines and is famous for its achievements in these fields. Over the years the recommendation of the "Chronology of the Tibetan calendar" has been formulated by Minzholing Monastery. It is also noted as the first academy of Lamaism in Tibet.

Monasteries of Shannan Prefecture – Changzhug Monastery

Changzhug Monastery is standing by the highway on the east bank of Yalong River in Nedong County of Shannan Prefecture. It was built in the seventh century and has been repaired in various historical periods. There is a legend goes that after Songtsan Gambo established his capital in Lhasa, he came and stayed here with Princess Wencheng who planted the willow tress around the monastery. Changzhug Monastery collects a precious Thangka picture of a Buddha inlaid with pearls and gems.