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Yangtze Cruise Tips - Downstream or Upstream


Yangtze Cruise

Brief Introduction

Most Chinese people think that the downstream means everything goes smoothly, so many people choose to go downstream. But the journey of upstream is longer, being more propitious for sightseeing. But whether to go upstream or downstream is connected with the length of your vocation, the scenic spots you are interested in and your own will. So you should have a comprehensive consideration over all the factors.



Sailing down the Yangtze River, the speed is fast, with an average speed of 28 to 30 kilometers per hour. When the cruise sails in the night, the rest and entertainment of the tourists will not be influenced, because the dinning hall and dancing hall are set at the afterbody of the cruise, where the shock is strong. In the daylight, the cruise would stop at the scenic spots, and wait for the passengers on schedule, so the tourists may enjoy the gorgeous sceneries as they like.


As the fast speed, you can't view the sceneries clearly. It only takes several minutes to get through the 8 kilometers long Qutang Gorge, so while enjoying, the tourists may forget photographing, and if photographing, it may influence the sightseeing and the exposition of the guide. As for the convention of Yangtze Cruise, the cost is much higher. If you take a smaller ship, when there are lots of tourists, it may get crowded.



The average upstream speed is between 15 to 18 kilometers per hour, so you have enough time to see the sceneries along the Yangtze River and listen to the exposition of the guide. You even may raise questions and have a group photo for a tourism souvenir. With lower cost, about 20 to 30 percent lower than that of the downstream. Taking a longer journey and the cost of each day is lower. You have more leisure and relaxed time to experience the Chinese landscape culture and history. You even may take part in the lectures and recreational activities.


The low speed may make the journey seem long and endless for the overseas tourists with limited sightseeing time.