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Yangtze Gold 1 - Special Services


Yangtze Gold 1

Brief Introduction

On May 1, 2011, Yangtze Gold 1 was first put into operation. Comparing with the other foreign inland river cruises, Yangtze Gold 1 is with a larger scale, been built under the standard of the 5-star hotel, with higher level, more advanced technology and more bright features, assembling the six tourism factors of meal, accommodation, transportation, shopping and entertainment.

Special Services


The 3000-Yuan-ship ticket of Yangtze Gold 1 includes the buffet dinner of each meal as well as the three gorges special catering with the name of the scenic spots and counties along three gorges. If you take an order in the dining hall at your own expense, you even may enjoy the popular ipad order.


Yangtze Gold one would provide fresh flower and fruits for the rooms above the executive room everyday. As for the presidential suit, the interior area is 73.2 square meters, with an open balcony of about 259 square meters. The guests accommodating in the presidential suit even may invite some friends to have a party there.


In the daylight, you may get off the cruise and have a tour of the famous scenic spots like Fengdu Ghost City, Wushan Lesser Three Gorges and Three Gorges Dam. You also may enjoy the sunbath, swim and barbecue on the sunshine deck. In addition, there are internet bar for your surfing, chess and card rooms for your playing, and reading rooms for your reading. In the night, you may see a film in the movie theater, have a cocktail party and enjoy the art performance in the multiple-function hall.


In each room of Yangtze Gold 1, timely positioning system is set, through which the tourists may see where the cruise is and how far it is away from the next scenic spot.