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Shiplift of Three Gorges Project

Three Gorges Shiplift

Brief Introduction

With the construction of the three gorges project, on one hand, the navigation condition get improved, on the other hand, there appears a 113-meter-drop, blocking the navigation. In order to solve the problem, the three gorges project designed the twin 5-flight shiplock and the shiplift. While sailing through the shiplock, it seems as if the ship is walking the step stairs, costing about 3 three hours. If the ship sails through the dam by the shiplift, it just likes taking a lift, with a time cost of 40 to 60 minutes. Comparing with by the shiplock, the shiplift has obvious advantages, which is the no consuming of water.

The Features

The three gorges shiplift is set at the left bank of the three gorges river bed, being 1 kilometer away from the three gorges shiplock. Together with the shiplock, the shiplift are the important ingredient of the three gorges project. The big ships climb stairs and the small ships take the lift are the vivid description of the ships getting trough the three gorges dam. The four tower barrels are complicated in construction, concentrated in concrete iron and high in the demand of the habitus controlling. In addition, the first stage and second stage construction cross operation, the difficulty in concrete pouring is great. It is planned to be put into operation in 2015.

Operational Principle

The shiplift is a lift or escalator for the ships to overcome the water drop. The lifts in the buildings go though the elevator cab for the passengers to get on and get off, shortcut and save effort. By the ship tank, the shiplift takes the ships up and down. The slope shiplift likes the escalator in the markets, carrying the ships along the slope to overcome the water drop.