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Three Gorges Guanba


Three Gorges Guanba

Brief Introduction

Three gorges Guanba tourist area is located at the southern bank of the 1 kilometer lower reach of three gorges dam, with the main function of watching the three gorges dam all day long, displaying the function, origin of three gorges project as well as the Dayu's flood control culture. The average altitude of three gorges Guanba is 690 meters, being the best viewing point with the clearest sight line and overall visual angle of the three gorges dam. Being there, you may have a panoramic view of the Gaoxia, Pinghu and Dam. Especially in the bright nights, the lights three gorges, and nightscape three gorges dam may make you feel immeasurably vast difference.

The Sceneries

Assembling the magnificent spectacle of flood control project, there are Jiangnan Fourth Building - Yuwang Pavilion, collection scenery gallery, Movie Theater and teahouse. Standing on the three gorges Guanba, what leaps to your eyes is the leisurely cloud extending far away, the boundless and indistinct mountain ridge fluttering like dragons and snakes and the sightseeing cruises shuttling back and forth on the Yangtze River. The over 3000-meter-long three gorges dam looking like a Great Wall on the water crosses the Yangtze River. All the gorgeous sceneries are in full view of the tourists from home and abroad.

The Appreciation

While appreciating the majestic appearance of three gorges dam, the tourists may view the photo exhibition of the contrast of the old and new landscape of three gorges as well as the newsreel of the playback of the great events of three gorges project, making you think about with affection of the past three gorges and get familiar with the historical origin of three gorges project. What's more, you may get into the Farmer's Joyous House and teahouse for sightseeing, viewing the process of picking tea-leaves and cooking tea, feeling the joy of tasting tea, appreciating the Chinese tea culture and experiencing the fun of Joyous Farmer's House by yourselves.