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Three Gorges Dam Tour - Tips


Cactus Tea Tree


Three Gorges Dam Area Reception Center is the flagship of the three gorges project hotel group, been attached to the three gorges tourism development limited liability company. Three gorges dam area reception center is located at the world famous three gorges construction site, being close to the Xiling Gorge, with excellent surroundings, well-equipped facilities and convenient transportation, being 28 kilometers away from the downtown area, 30 kilometers away from the railway station, taking half an hour, and 45 kilometers away from the airport, taking 50 minutes. There are 500 guest rooms with different kinds of levels. There is Chinese food as well as the Western-style food, and the dining hall may hold 800 people having meals at one time. The three gorges dam area reception center is engaged in the reception of meeting and tour group. It is the hotel receiving the most conferences, with the largest scale and highest level of Yichang County.


From Yichang County to the Three Gorges Dam Scenic Area, there are the following ways:

You may take the No.3, 4, 9, 21 and 100 bus to the 80 #, Dongshan Road, and then change another special tourism line bus to the scenic spot.

You may take the NO. 4, 10, 21, 100 and 101 bus to the Yemingzhu(a legendary luminous pearl) turnplate, change to the NO. 8 bus to the Liujiashou tourist receiving center, and you may take the circulating bus to have a sightseeing of the scenery of three gorges dam scenic spot.

You may self-drive through the Han-Yi Highway to the toll-gate of Dongshan Open Economic Zone of Yichang County, then get on the three gorges dam special-purposed Road, and handle procedures of check in. the receiving center will provide a guide for you for free, then you may get off at the Liujiashou Tourists receiving center and change the circulating bus to enjoy the gorges scenery.


In Yichang County, there are many local and three gorges specialties to buy. The fruits include the oranges, kiwi fruits and persimmons. The tea includes the Chun Mei tea, bright green tea, Arabian jasmine tea, Yihong Kongfu tea and the cactus tea. You also may buy some Chinese chestnut, mushroom and agarics. In addition, the coloured pottery and root carving are the preferred choice of souvenir.


The style of Yichang course is fumet, salty, fresh and a little hot. The Laojiuwan banquet is of the local features of Yichang, the course is made up of nine dishes, the mixed stew, Zaxiangdiezhi, zachunjuanzhi, breaded fish stick ball, squid bamboo shoots, Chuiwan semen nelumbinis, plain boiled pork abdomen, mushroom chicken and pearl ball, all of which are filled in the big bowls, of dense flavor of rural life. Some other famous dishes include the Baisha fat fish, pearl soup, Yipin eel, three visitors immortal chicken, eight treasures water chicken, Hindu lotus seedpod egg, three salad scalloped pork, devilstongue tofu and cordate houttuynia cold and dressed with sauce.


Yichang is the birthplace of Bachu culture, and the Tu song Village dance has been a beautiful scenery line of the entertainment of Yichang. The Tujia song and dance of Changyang, wind and percussion ensemble of Zhijiang and the folk stories and conundrum are all the favorite of the entertainment. The Changyang Bashan dance got the gold award of Asian film awards. There are also some modern entertainment venues, like the Longquan mountain villa, Rohdea japonica body building club and New Times Square.