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Three Gorges Immigration Memorial Museum

Memorial Museum

Brief Introduction

Three gorges immigration memorial museum is located at the citizen square of the Jiangnan New Area of Wanzhou District, being next to the Bingjiang Garden, facing with the old city of Wanzhou across the river. The whole land for construction use is 50 mu, the main built-up area takes up 14,000 square meters and the exhibition hall is 7000 square meters, including the exhibition hall, central storehouse of cultural relics, academic lecture hall, center of restoration of cultural relics, research laboratory of material, integrated service area and the administration section.

The Construction

The civil engineering and landscaping engineering of Three gorges immigration memorial museum was planned to be accomplished by June 30, 2011, and by the end of December of 2011, the display and exhibition construction would be finished and the museum would have the opening then. Three gorges immigration memorial museum is constructed by the Beijing City Building Group, which used to be contracted to construct the Nest of Beijing. The architectural style of the museum is mainly the inclined core, the construction difficulty of which is no less than that of the Beijing Nest. After the construction is completed, the Three Gorges Immigration Memorial Museum would be one of the symbolic architecture of Wanzhou District.

The Exhibition Items

With the form of characters, sound, images, articles, statues and artistic installation, the three gorges immigration memorial museum would construct a memory space of the three gorges immigration, to have a full record of the history of three gorges area. The museum would be divided into three plates, including the basic, special subject and temporary display.

The Basic Display

The basic display plate has the basic structure of the progress of the movement and settlement of immigrants, with six parts in all, including the courses, hometown, immigration, immigrants, new home and the spirit. With the clue of time, making the tourists feel the life and adventure of the mind of the three gorges immigrants, and experience the solving progress of the problem of three gorges immigration and how the immigration drives the development of the three gorges area.

The Special Subject Display

The special subject display included two exhibition halls, the centuries three gorges and the three gorges art. The centuries three gorges has 5 themes, the geological three gorges, the strategies communication center, the mysterious three gorges, Bayan and Yanba as well as the city of thousands of merchants. All the themes are to have the segment repair for the submerged towns, the symbolic architectures and landscape, making the tourists have an understanding of the history and culture of three gorges area. In addition, the art work made of the signature of the millions immigrants is a bright spot of the exhibition. The three gorges art includes the poetic conception three gorges, painting three gorges, art three gorges and image three gorges. They are the collection of the poems, calligraphy, paintings, graphic design and installed arts with the theme of three gorges.