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Top of the World of Three Gorges Project


Three Gorges Dam

Brief Introduction

Three Gorges Project is the biggest hydropower-complex project in the world. Since 1994, when the construction of the project began, the erectors have created more than 100 terms of top of the world, breaking the record of the world water conservancy project.

Ten Terms of the Top of the World

Three gorges project is a water conservancy project with the most notable benefits in flood control. The storage capacity of Three Gorges reservoir is 39.3 billion square meters, and the capacity of flood control is 22.15 billion Square meters. The three gorges reservoir may reduce the flow rate for 27,000 to 33,000 square meters per second, thus it may control the flood of the upstream, and protect the 15 million people and 0.5 million hectare of the middle and downstream of Yangtze River.

Three gorges power plant is the biggest in the world, with an installed capacity of 18.2 kilowatt, the annual power generation of three gorges power plant is more than 84.7 billion degree.

The construction scale of Three Gorges Project is the top of the world. The length of the axial trace of the Three Gorges Dam is 2039 meters, and the dam for flood discharge is 483 meters long, there are 26 generator units, five-stage ship lock and shiplift. Both the scale in the single item and the whole project is the biggest in the world.

The work amount of Three Gorges Project is the most. The cubic meter of earth and stone is 0.134 billion square meters, and the total amount of the concrete pouring is 28 million square meters.

Three Gorges reservoir is the hardest in construction. the concrete pouring of Three Gorges Project in 2000 was 5.48 million square meters, that is to say, the concrete pouring for each month was 0.55 million square meters, creating a new world record of concrete pouring.

Three Gorges Project has the biggest flow rate during the construction. The flow rate of the river closure was 9010 square meters per second, and the biggest flow rate of river diversion was 79,000 square meters per second.

Three Gorges Project is the most powerful in flood discharge, with a flood discharge of 1,025,000 square meters per second.

Three Gorges Project has a ship lock with the most grades - five grades, and highest gross head - 113 meters. The largest gross head, the largest amount of flood discharge and the height of the excavation of the side slope are all the top of the world.

The shiplift is with the largest scale and the hardest difficulty. The effective size of the shiplift of three gorges project is 120×18×3.5 meters. The highest lift is 113v meters, the weight of the ship box with water is 11800 tons, and the ship-passing weight is 3,000 tons.

The number of the immigrants of three gorges reservoir is the largest in the world. The immigrants is more than 1.2 million, while the countries with no more than a million people are 36, millions immigration just like removing and building a country. Three gorges immigration is the largest in number of immigrants, hardest in removing and rebuilding.