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Gezhou Dam Project and Three Gorges Dam Project

Gezhou Dam

Brief Introduction

Most people think that Gezhou Dam is just an actual combat preparation for the Three Gorges Project. Actually, Gezhou Dam water control project is an important constituent part of Three Gorges Project.

The Benefits from Gezhou Dam Project

Gezhou Dam is 2.3 kilometers the downstream of Nanjing Pass, which is the exist of Yangtze three gorges, being 38 kilometers away from the Three Gorges Project. Gezhou Dam Pivot plays a part of power generation, navigation as well as being the counter regulation of Three Gorges power station, so as to solve the adverse impact of the instable water flow on the channel of the down stream and the Yichang port. At the same time, it may elevate the water level to submerge the dangerous shoal of the downstream of three gorges dam and Nanjing Pass, as to slow the velocity of flow and widen the channel, for the purpose of improve the navigation condition. Before the construction of three gorges project, Gezhou Dam make use of the drop of the three gorges reach for power generation and improve the navigation condition of its upstream for 100 kilometers.

The Relationship between Gezhou Dam Project and Three Gorges Project

From the aspect of the scale and performance indicator, Gezhou Dam Project is the epitome of Three Gorges Project. With a dam crest of 70 meters and impounded level of 70 meters, storage capacity of 1.58 billion square meters, installed capacity of 2.715 kilowatt, the Gezhou Dam Project has a generating capacity of 15.7 billion kilowatt per hour. While the Three Gorges Project has a dam crest of 185 meters, a normal impounded level of 175 meters, a storage capacity of 39.3 billion square meters, an installed capacity ofr 18.2 billion kilowatt and a generating capacity of 84.7 billion kilowatt per hour.