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Ecological Influence of Three Gorges Project

three gorges project

As for the ecological influence of Three Gorges Project, the experts of Yangtze River Commission hold the following five opinions:

Influence on the Climate

The Three gorges reservoir has an obvious regulation on the climate of its surrounding regions. The vertical range of its influence is no more than 400 meters, the horizontal direction of two banks is between 1 to 2 kilometers, and the annual increase of temperature is 0.1 to 0.2 degree Celsius, and the seasonal increase of spring and winter is 0.3 to 1.3 degree Celsius, in summer, it will reduce 0.9 to 1.2 degree Celsius, with an increase of foggy days for 2 days. In winter, the increase of temperature is in favor of the industrial crop like the orange tree and tung tree. The decrease in temperature in summer would improve the climate of Wanzhou district.

Influence on the Water Temperature and Quality

Since the water storage, the velocity of flow has become slower and the stay lasted longer, which is beneficial to the degradation and purification of organic contaminant and can improve the flow water quality. But the ability of dilution and proliferation decreases, results in the river pollution of the reservoir towns. The three gorges dam is effective in the retaining of the nutrient substance like nitrogen and phosphorus.

Influence on the Animal and Plant Resources

The rare plants are distributed above the elevation of 300 meters, so the three gorges project would not do harm to the plants, besides, the amount of the waterfowl would increase.

Influence on the Aquatic Organism

The plankton and benthic animal of the reservoir would increase in amount and the categories would change in composition. The water area for breeding aquatics would also expand, and the fish crop is to increase.

Influence on the Human Health

According to the latest researches, we didn't find oncomelania or the prevalence of schistosomiasis. With the construction of three gorges dam, the flood of the down stream of Yangtze River has been lightened, which is not in favor of the proliferation and transforming of oncomelania, but beneficial to the annihilation of the oncomelania and schistosomiasis.