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Three Gorges Garden of Amorous Feelings


playing Bowling

Brief Introduction

The Three gorges garden of amorous feelings is also well known as the three gorges garden of human geography and amorous feelings, being located at the Xujiachong of Three gorges dam area, 600 meters away from Tanziling, the best location for enjoying the sight of the panorama of Three Gorges Dam, and 300 meters away from the ship lock of three gorges dam. At the three gorges garden of amorous feelings, the transportation is very convenient, the scenery is gorgeous, and the environment is excellent, being a wonderful place for three gorges tour, three gorges dam sightseeing, leisure and vocations.

The Features

Three gorges garden of amorous feelings takes up an urban area of more than 180 mu, being a theme garden with humanities, geography and amorous feelings. By now, you may see the Yangtze aquarium world, Ancient wars of Three Kingdoms show, the street of tourism goods as well as the museum of prehistoric history. In the aquarium world, the facilities are advanced, with complete functions, and the scenery is unique. Being there, the tourists may look up to the spectacular snow mountain waterfalls of the Tanggula Mountain, overlook the restless Yangtze River, and see the pretty and charming national treasure - the Chinese sturgeon.

The Birds and Beasts

In the Songming Valley and Bainiao Garden, there are cursores, waterfowl, swimming bird, wading bird, songbird, bird of prey,climbing birds as well as the fowl, amounting to eight categories. Generally, there is the empress of bird - phoenix, fairy maiden of bird - swam, bird of love - mandarin duck, singer of bird - Garrulax canorus, the king of bird - vulture and the parrot. There are more than 30 categories of rare birds, having incredible performances, such as: the grackle reads poetry of the Tang Dynasty, parrot does math, gymnastics exhibition, imitate playing bowling and the spectacular of peacock. When the tourists are having leisure, on one hand, the performances may remove their tiredness and tension in the work and daily life, on the other hand, it may make the tourists have the feeling of keeping and loving birds.