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The Important Events of Three Gorges Project


Three Gorges Dam

In 1918, Sun Yat-sen put forward the primitive assumption of Three Gorges Project in the Plans of National Construction. He said that we may use the water lock to store the water, making it possible that the ships may sail through the upstream from the downstream, and making the best use of the waterpower.

After People's Republic of China was founded, in the February of 1950, the Yangtze River Commission on Irrigation and Drainage was established for the comprehensive management of Yangtze River.

Since 1955, the work of planning the Yangtze River watershed, surveying, researching and programming of Three Gorges Project has been under way. By the end of 1957, the work is accomplished.

On December 26, 1970, the construction of Gezhou Dam Project was authorized, which was a planned and step by step situational preparation for the Three Gorges Project.

On April 3, 1992, on the fifth session of the Seventh National People's Congress, The Decision of Constructing the Three Gorges Project was passed, so the legislative procedure was accomplished, and got into the period of its implement.

On September 27, 1993, the development company of China Three Gorges Project was founded in Yichang.

On December 14, 1994, premier of the State Council, Li Peng, declared that the construction of the Three Gorges Project began at Sandouping of Yichang.

On November 8, 1997, the closure of Three Gorges Project was successfully accomplished, and the first stage of the project was finished.

In 1998, the second stage of Three Gorges Project began.

In 2000, the installation of the generator units began.

On October 10, 2002, the conference of the check and accept expert group was held at the reservoir region, the inspection and acceptance work before the closure of Diversion channel began.

On October 21, 2002, the construction of the key dam of spillway was accomplished, reaching an altitude of 185 meters.

On October 25, 2002, the State Council held the committee plenary conference on the second stage of Three Gorges Project, making an agreement on the suggestions of the closure of the Diversion Channel.

On October 26, 2002, the 1.6 kilometers long left bank of Three Gorges sealed roof, and the whole dam was rose to 185 meters high.

On October 29, 2020, Premier of the State Council, Zhu Rongji, held the 11th meeting of three gorges project construction commission of the state council, agreed on the suggestion of the inspection and acceptance Committee, and decided to have the closure of Diversion Channel on November 6.

On November 7, 2002, the largest turnings of Hydraulic Power Plant finished hoisting.

On December 16, 2002, the Third-stage roll compact concrete cofferdams in the Three Gorges began pouring, with a total pouring amount of 1.1 million square meters. It will protect the right bank, powerhouses and construction of the right bank, together with the cofferdam of the lower stream. It was a key project of implementing the storage of water, navigation and power generation.

On April 11, 2003, the temporary navigation lock stopped opening to navigation and lasted for 67 days till June 16.

On April 16, 2003, the third stage of the project is finished, being 55 days ahead of time than the expectation to reach the 140 maters designed altitude.

On April 22, 2003, the work of changing the temporary ship lock into scouring sluice began.

On April 27, 2003, the second stage of migrants from Three Gorges are passed the acceptance check of our country, which symbolized that the three gorges immigrants project achieved gradual progress. The immigrants of the three gorges reservoir below the water level of 135 meters had been immigrated, meeting the qualification of the storage on schedule.

On May 21, 2003, the acceptance team of the project declared that the second stage of the project had reached the requirements of storing water at a level of 135 meters and that of navigation.

On June 1, 2003, the three gorges hydroelectric station began to tail lock to store water.

On June 10, 2003, the water storage reached 135 meters, having the qualifications required for power generation.

On December 29, 2003, the power station began to operate.

On May 20, 2005, the 185 meters high dam sealed roof, and the whole dam was accomplished.

On June 6, 2006, the third stage of the cofferdam blasting succeeded.

On October 10, 2006, the Three Gorges Dam began the flood discharge.