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How to Distinguish the Authentic From the Fake Dzi Beads


Dzi Beads

Brief Introduction

According to the records of Tibetan medicine, the pure and authentic Dzi Beads can enhance immune function as well as prevent apoplexy. However, the amount of the authentic Dzi Beads is fixed and rare. Different from the diamond and gemstone, which can be gotten from exploiting a mine, the supply of Dzi Beads is not adequate to the demand. In such a circumstance, there appears many mimic Dzi Beads in the market. The mimic Dzi Beads are called new Dzi Beads, been made of cheap resin, taxoite, glasses and edge agate. The decorative pattern of the new Dzi Beads is formed as a result of the erosion of the chemicals. The cost of the fake Dzi Beads is no more than a quarter of the selling price. In such a circumstance of passing off fish eyes as pearls, owning authentic Dzi Beads needs poorvapunya and luck. 

The Ways

The Dzi Beads are with clear color and lines, in the ellipse and loose shape are the best.

The Dzi Beads are worn by generations, so the damage is unenviable. But don't wear the break and reprocessing Dzi Beads. The Tibetan people think that the damage of Dzi Beads is for the keeping off of disaster, and after its damage, it looses the function of protection.

The Dzi Beads with more holes or odd number holes are rare and more expensive. The more the number of the hole is close to 9, the better. But if there are many too holes, then it is Dzi Beads with thousands of holes, and the price is even lower. It is the best that the holes are almost the same big with each other. So the Dzi Beads with different holes are worse.

You also may observe the lines of its surface by putting it in the clear water or under the lamplight to distinguish the authentic from the fake ones.

On the surface of some old Dzi Beads, there is cinnabar. But this feature can be copied by laser in Japan. The way to distinguish is to observe the depth of the cinnabar, which is in abnormal distribution. Some of the cinnabar seems ready to come out, while some has been on the surface.

The surface of the old Dzi Beads is airslaked, forming the fish pattern, which is also in abnormal distribution. Nowadays, the copied ones are also with weathering lines under the technology of high-temperature baking. The way to distinguish is that weathering lines of the authentic ones are in the shape of the moon. Using the high magnified glass, you may find that the authentic ones will display the Milky Way pattern, like the space celestial body.

The color and smoothness of the perforation must be the same with that of the surface. Besides, the ivory-white and light yellow ones are the best, with the black brown ones take a second place.

The surface of the authentic Dzi Beads is glossy and waxy, but there are some authentic ones with dim moonlight, which is as a result of the washing of the seller. After you wear it for some days, it would be better.

The holes of Dzi Beads should not have the rift.

If all the above methods are in vain, you may ask for others for help. Some people may see the aura field of the Dzi Beads. The aura field of the new Dzi Beads is the same, thus can be easily seen through.