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Lingwu Cave


Lingwu Cave

Brief Introduction of Lingwu Cave

To implement the strategy of developing the county with tourism, the Wuxi County decided to exploit tourism with high standard and great scale, and the first scenic spot they developed is the Lingwu Cave, located at the upper part of the Daning River Scenic Spot. Lingwu Scenic Spot is the generic terms of the upper scenic spot of Daning River, besides the lesser three gorges. It is one of the three main axes of golden triangle (Fengjie - Wuxi- Wushan). With gathered scenic spots, harmony combination of nature, humanities and folk culture, Lingwu Cave is awarded as the Baili Gallery (100 meter Gallery). People also speak highly of it as the most beautiful stream of the world.

Features of Lingwu Cave

The Lingwu Cave Scenic Spot is the national AA Scenic Spot, and there are many ways for your sightseeing. You may take the escalator to the mountain to view the scenery, you may get into the cave to experience the gloom, you may take the cableway in the air to get a bird's-eye view of the overall perspective, you may take a pulley to have fun, and you also may take a drift to run after the waves in Daning River. There are so many transportation tools for you to choose.

Tourists Attractions of Lingwu Cave


The main cave linggong is at the eastern bank of Jiandao Gorge, with a length of 1500 meters, consisted of five parts: Xianweng Hall, Yuzhulin, Abode of Immortals, Longwang Hall and Submarine World. In the cave, it is splendid in green and gold, the time overflows the color. The stalactite is hanging upside down, in thousands of postures, lively, well-proportioned and bringing out the best in each other. The Dinghaishenzhen, Zhongrutianqiao and JIulongbi are the three unique of Chinese Cave. Linggong is honored as the first cave of the reservoir area by the experts and tourists, being the combination of extraordinary natural landscape and marvelous human wit.

Taoyuan Cave

Taoyuan Cave is located at the western part of Jiandao Gorge and 450 meters long. Apart from stalactite, there are many statues, which display the folk culture of Wu people. The tourists may appreciate the wall paintings by the famous print engraver and sculptor, Professor Jiang Bibo. You may take the 80-meter-high elevator to see the Linggong and cableway across the river to see Taoyuan Cave. By the street luge, you may get off the mountain through the 600 meters long skidway. At the scenic spot, there are 12 drifting items, after you enjoy the Lingwu Cave, you may take the raft for drifting and appreciate the scenery of Daning River. While drafting, you may reach the ancient pland path, comprehending the mysterious and unsophisticated Wu culture.