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Temple Gorge

Temple Gorge

Brief Introduction of Temple Gorge

Temple Gorge, also known as the Temple Gorge tourist area Kamiya, ranks the first among the Ninghe seven gorges. Both banks of Temple Gorge are with scary cliffs and dark forests. There are apes and monkeys climbing, mandarin ducks playing. We still may see the ancient plank road built along the face of the cliff and the misty Yuntaifairy maiden. At the Temple Gorge, there is a waterfall named as Bai Long Guo Jiang (means the white dragon getting across the river), which just likes a robust white dragon flying into the 100-meter-wide Ninghe, the sight of which is tempestuous, colorful and spectacular, forming the wondrous spectacle of "Fei Pu Xia Zhong Guo, Zhou Cong Pu Xia Xing" (the general meaning is that the flying waterfall goes through the gorge and the boats goes under the waterfall). The waterfall is the national first grade scenic spot, belonging to the national famous waterfalls. The Yun Tai Guan, located at the highest mountain along the Daninghe, Yun Tai Mountain, is as magnificent as that of Qui Men of Qutang Gorge and as scary as that of Sheshengya of Mount Emei. At Yun Tai Guan, Taoism, Buddhism and Wicca are linked together. In the history; Yun Tai Guan is the champion of the Chuandong ancient temples and it was able to rival the Wudang Mountain. At Miao Gorge, the water is clear, the gorge is peaceful, the cliff is scary and the waterfall is unique. With the construction of the Three Gorges Dam, the water level went up, and the water flown back to Temple Gorge, in this way, the human landscape and the gorge scenery are well kept. 150 to 300 yachts can go to the Wharf of Daning River directly, which is at the entrance of Temple Gorge, which makes it easier to get to Temple Gorge.

The Legend Story of Temple Gorge

The Sight of the Carp Jumping over the Dragon's Gate

People also call Temple Gorge as Miao Gorge. The two Feng Huang Mountains are lofty, standing by the Temple Gorge and going into the sky. The Sight of the carp jumping over the dragon's gate is attractive, lively and spectacular. Going into the Gorge, you may see scary mountains, over clapped cliffs, as well as steep and towering precipices. There are some fancy rock flowers, with the decoration of which, the gorge becomes the fairyland. In this magical and beautiful, there is a moving story.

The Cause of the Event

Long long ago, at the riverside of Long Stream, there were villagers, among whom, the men plough and the women weave, and they are living a peaceful and harmonious life. One year, there came a big yellow evil dragon, committing all sorts of wickedness. What the dragon did was either calling for winds and rain to destroy the crops, or blowing a cloud to butcher lives. What the dragon did made the whole village pandemonium and no longer peaceful. The 6th of June was the Dragon's birthday, so each year, when that day came, he would enforce people to offer up a pair of boy and girl, ten cattle, one hundred pigs and sheep for his enjoyment. If not, it would become angry and evil, opening his big mouth to swallow people and animals, destroying the fields and gardens, making the villagers' discontents filling the whole village.

The Development of the Event

In Longxi County, there was a smart and beautiful girl, named Yu Gu. She made a decision to get ride of the evil dragon, so she went to Yu Tai Guan to ask for help from the Yun Tai Fairy maiden for several times, only to fail to see her, but the girl went on visiting Yun Tai Fairy maiden. One morning, when she got to Yun Tai Guan; the Yun Tai Fairy maiden was moved and appeared. She told the girl that thousands miles from there, there was a carp cave, if the girl went to see a carp fairy maiden, she was sure to help her.

The Result of the Event

After Yu Gu thanked the Yun Tai Fairy Maiden, she set out. After she went through thick and thin, she got to the carp cave. When the carp fairy maiden known the reason of Yu Gu's coming, she told her that it was a good thing for to have such an idea, but that was not enough, she also needed to sacrifice herself. Yu Gu promised she would without any hesitation. Then the carp fairy maiden spitted out three white springs to Yu Gu and made her a beautiful carp. Then the small red carp swam back upstream, and after 49 days, she got back to the village. The day she back was happened to be June 6, and the beautiful Carp changed to her original appearance. All the tributes had been well prepared, and the boy and girl were in tears. When the yellow dragon saw the tributes, his mouth was watered, and he opened his mouth. At this moment, Yu Gu stopped the villagers and jumped into the water, changing herself into a big red carp, rushing into the abdomen of the dragon. When Yu Gu was in the abdomen, she jumped from right to left, up to down, making the organs of the dragon pappy. The evil dragon struggled but in vain. At last, it was killed by Yu Gu, while, Yu Gu was also buried in the dragon.

The Origin of the Story of Carp Jumping over the Dragon's Date

From then on, the villagers lived a prosperous and contented life again. In order to memorize Yu Gu, people built a carp temple at the waist of the cliff. The story of the carp jumping over the dragon's gate became popular and was passed on from generation to generation.