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Furong River

Furong River

Furong River Introduction

The Furong River, also known as the Pangu River is the largest tributary of the Wujiang River and flows through Guizhou Province and Chongqing Municpality, People's Republic of China.

Rising in the Dalou Mountains in Suiyang County, Guizhou Province, the river flows from the south west to Chongqing where it joins the Wujiang River at Jiangkou Town in Wulong County. For 87% of its 227 kilometres length it flows within the borders of Guizhou with the remainder in Chongqing. The Furong River has a natural drop of 1,075 metres and a total drainage basin covering 7,744.5 square kilometres. With its relatively sparse human population, the typical karst topology drainage basin is well preserved whilst original vegetation remains intact on both sides of the river's "V" shaped gorge.

Furong River Scenery

Amazing sceneries can be seen at Furong River, including green hills, beautiful water, magnificent cliffs, odd-shaped peaks, servene gorge, deep gully, splendid waterfall and so on. Water is limpid and trees vary in different shapes. High mountains and gorge covered with verdancy extend more than 5 kilometers. Furong River combines magnificent view of Qutang Gorge, Servene sceneries of Wuxia Gorge and Danger of Xiling Gorge. The entire area is like a Chinese traditional painting.

Furong River Scenic Area

Furong River National Scenic Area was approved by State Council of People's Republic of China in 2002. It is the only one which was approved to be the national scenic area of Chongqing in 2002. Furong River National Scenic Area is located at Jiangkou Town. It covers an area of 152.8 square kilometers. It is a typical karst and primitive forest river scenic area.

The tourist resources are abundant of Furong River Scenic Area, including river, gorge, peak, cliff, stream and waterfall. Beauties are different in these sceneries. The scenic spots of Furong River Scenic Area are Furong Cave, Miao Village, Ancient Bamboo Sea, Monkey Garden, Banana Forest, Butterfly Valley and so on.

Through years of development, Furong River has become a famous travel destination of Chongqing. It attracts more and more visitors from home and abroad every year.