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South Hot Spring

South Hot Spring

Origin of South Hot Spring

South Hot Spring was built in 1927 locating in the southern suburbs about 18 kilometers from Chongqing proper. Just as its name implies, South Hot Spring is noted for its hot springs. Originally, the South Hot Spring was discovered in the Ming Dynasty and became a bath house in the Qing Dynasty. After 1949, it has been developed into a famous tourist attraction.

Medical Value of South Hot Spring

The South Hot Spring has about 110 bathrooms and three swimming pools - outdoor and indoor swimming pools with one for children. The hot spring contains abundant minerals and taking a hot spring bath can rejuvenate body metabolism and cure some diseases, such as those of the skin, arthritis and rheumatism.

Scenic Spots of South Hot Spring

The South Hot Spring is popular for its appealing natural scenic spots as well as some cultural and historical relics. It has green hills covered with verdant forests, limpid streams and crystal springs, magnificent waterfalls and secluded caves.

Fairy Cave

One of the most popular of these is the Fairy Cave. Legend says that once a village girl practiced asceticism in the cave and finally became immortal; hence its name. Outside the cave is the statue of the Fairy who looks like a village girl. The Fairy Cave is of karst topography and about 30 meters high and 1,000 meters deep. Inside tourists can see wonderful stalactites and stalagmites in various shapes.

Qing Yu Spring

Along the Huaxi River in the park is a magic pond which is fed by the water from a spring. This pond can forecast the weather. If the water is clear, the weather will be fine; otherwise, it will rain. Thus, it is called Qing Yu Spring which means sunny (Qing) and rainy (Yu) in Chinese.

Jianwen Peak

The cultural and historical sites are almost on the Jianwen Peak. Initially, it was called the Jianyu Mountain. It is said that Emperor Jianwen of the Ming Dynasty once lived there as a Buddhist monk. The Mansion of Kong Xiangxi and the Villa of Lin Sen are the two main attractions on the mountain. Kong was the Finance Minister and the president of the central bank and Bank of China of the Kuomintang Government. Lin once served as the President of the National Government of the Republic of China.

In addition, tourists can go to the Chongqing Stone Appreciation and Exhibition Hall to enjoy grotesque stones of other provinces in China.

As one of the most famous hot springs in Chongqing, South Hot Spring gains the same reputation as North Hot Spring. These two hot springs are like two pearls of the hot spring tour in Chongqing.