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Xiaonanhai Lake

Glimpse of Xiaonanhai Lake

Introduction of Xiaonanhai Lake

Xiaonanhai Lake, also called Xiaoyinghai, is a beautiful alpine lake locating at the border of Chongqing and Hubei province. It is about 30 kilometers far from Qianjiang County. Xiaonanhai Lake combines mountain, lake, island and gorge sceneries into one. It is an earthquake-induced lake and also the most well-preserved remain of ancient earthquake.

Xiaonanhai Lake covers an area of 2.87 square kilometers. According to historical record, an earthquake happened in 1857. A big lake appeared after this earthquake. Till now, the cliff formed during the earthquake can also be seen clearly.

Xiaonanhai Lake is surrounded by beautiful peaks. Giant rocks are in strange shape, creeks are zigzagging near the lake. Islands are like stars in the sky and there are green trees and bamboo on islands. There are beautiful sceneries no matter it is Summer or Winter.

Islands on Xiaonanhai Lake

Islands are the famous sceneries of Xiaonanhai Lake. All of the islands add more beauty to this lake.

Chaoyang Island

Chaoyang Island is the second largest island of Xiaonanhai Lake. It is named because of Chaoyang Temple on the island. You will see beautiful pastoral sceneries as soon as you step on the island. Precious ancient trees are standing high on the island. The entire island is covered with green trees and bamboo.

Huxin Island

Huxin Island, also called Center Island, is located at the center of Xiaonanhai Lake. There is Gold Sand Beach on Huxin Island. There are pebbles on the beach. Some are like frogs, cute and lovely. The island is also dotted with camellia flowers. All these make Huxin Island beautiful.

Niubei Island

Niubei Island, also called Ox Back Island, is the largest island in Xiaonanhai Lake. It is noted for touching and mysterious tales and legends. Besides, there are abundant natural beauties, including green pines and colorful flowers. There are also groups of monkey, musk garden, bamboo houses and so on. A deep stream called Daoqian Stream separates Niubei Island from the bank of Xiaonanhai Lake. The stream is limpid and quiet. It is an ideal place for leisure holiday.

According to research, as the most well-preserved earthquake-induced lake, Xiaonanhai Lake is rich in natural resources. There are over 140 types of wood, over 50 types of fish and many other animals, including tigers, monkeys, antelopes etc. Xiaonanhai Lake is as beautiful as Guilin. It is a good choice for your travel!