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Tushan Mountain

Tushan Temple

Origin of Tushan Mountain

Tushan Mountain, located in Nan'an District of Chongqing, is near to famous Nanshan Mountain. Tushan Mountain is noted for the legend of Dayu. The legend says that Dayu married his wife, Queen Tu here. That is why the mountain is called Tushan Mountain. In memory of Dayu, local people built a temple called Yuwang Temple. It was renamed Tushan Temple later.

Tushan Temple on Tushan Mountain

Tushan Temple, located on the top of Tushan Mountain in Nan'an District, is the oldest temple in Chongqing. It ia also called Zunwu Temple because the statue of Zunwu Master is worshiped in the temple. Tushan Temple has a very long history. According to record, it was built in Han Dynasty in order to commemorate Dayu and his wife. It was firstly called Yuwang Temple. In Tang Dynasty, it was renamed as Tushan Temple. A great Chinese poet, Bai Juyi, used to write a poem about it.

Tushan Temple covers an area of over 10,000 square meters, including 8 halls, 100 rooms. There are statues of Sakyamuni and Zhenwu Master in main hall. And there are statues of Yuwang (King Dayu) and Tuhou (Queen Tu) in the third hall. Tushan Temple combines Buddhism and Taoism harmoniously.

Tushan Kiln in Tushan Mountain Area

Tushan Kiln in Chongqing is the most typical folk kiln in ancient southwest China. It dated back to the end the North Song Dynasty. Its black glaze porcelain is unique. The main unearthed items are for daily use. There are 16 ancient kiln remains, including Jiangyuan, Jumu Wan, Xiaowan, Peach Forest, Wangzhuang, Tushan Lake and Miaozi Gang.