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Facilities & Activities on Yangtze Cruise Ships

All of Yangtze Cruise ships are well equipped with good facilities. Visitors can enjoy not only the good facilities but also the different activities held on the Yangtze Cruise Ships.

Facilities on Yangtze Cruise Ships

There are plentiful facilities of entertainment on cruise ships, such as bar, karaoke, dancing hall, gym, sauna, reading room and so on. The entire ship is just like a small-size resort. Besides, there are dancing & singing performance. All of the facilities is as below,

Sauna Gym Public Washroom Sun Decks Radio Room
Conference Center Massage Beauty Salon Reception Desk Banquet Hall
Bar Karaoke Multi-function Hall Dancing/Disco Card Room
Reading Room Cafe Health Clinic Business Center Lobby

Activities on Yangtze Cruise Ships

Many interesting activities are also held onboard. These activities make your Yangtze Cruise more fascinating. The activities on Yangtze Cruise Ships include fashion show, feature films, lectures, Tai Chi Chuan and Tea Ceremony.

Fashion Show
Cruise staff will show you the most beautiful fashionable clothes of different dynasties in China, including Han Dynasty (220-206B.C.); Traditional clothes from different parts of China present different cultures of China. Bring your camera with you and you can take beautiful pictures too.

Feature Films
Films are also available in your cabin during your Yangtze Cruise. If you do not wish to go out, you are free to choose to stay in your cabin to enjoy the feature films.

Different lectures about Chinese history and culture are given to you during your cruise. The themes of the lectures include the world famous Three Gorges Project, Chinese Medicine, Traditional Paintings of China and so on.

Tai Chi Chuan
Tai Chi Chuan is a profound Chinese martial art with hardness and softness. Daily practice keeps your body fit and healthy, promotes mental clarity, and also keeps the balance of Yin and Yang. It is also good for your beauty. During your Yangtze Cruise, Tai Chi Chuan teacher will teach you how to do Tai Chi Chuan in the morning.

Tea Ceremony
People can get closer and improve morality by making tea, appreciating tea and drinking tea. Tea drinking makes your mind peaceful. This matches with eastern philosophy. We will arrange time for guests to try this art of ancient times. This will make you better understand the Tea Culture of China.