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East Hot Spring

East Hot Spring

East Hot Spring - A Municipal-grade Scenic Area

The East Hot Spring, a municipal-grade scenic area, is one of the hot springs of Home of Chinese Hot Springs. It is rich in hot spring resources and its spring water is in good quality. The total storage of East Hot Spring is 45 billion cubic meters and daily water flow is about 50,000 cubic meters. There are cold spring and hot spring in East Hot Spring. Visitors can enjoy the spring in every season. The highest tempreture is 50℃ and the spring water contains different minerals, such as radon, fluorine, strontium, zinc and lithium. The spring is a very precious medical hot spring.

There are many characteristic travel resources in the scenic area, such as Heat Cave Hot Spring Natural Sauna, Naked Bath in Hot Spring, Wubu River and the most characteristic small town in Chongqing. There are also strange peaks and fabulous karst caves, such as Fairy Maiden Peak, Flying Hawk Peak, Ciyun Peak, Cuiping Peak, Ningan Mountain, Muer Mountain, Fairy Maiden Cave, Gufo (Old Buddha) Cave, Daer Cave and so on. The scenic area is serven and elegant, beautiful and peaceful. The mountains reflect on water and this forms a fascinating Chinese traditional painting. The scenic area also offers hot spring service, regimen activities, mountain climb, outward development and Boating on Wubu River.

Main Scenic Spots of East Hot Spring

Heat Cave Hot Spring Natural Sauna

Heat Cave, situated at the South Slope of Muer Peak, is formed from Karst topography. It is the only heat cave in Asia and one of the Top 3 heat caves in the world. The average in the cave is 43℃. The cave is about 100 meters long. Some places are big as hall and some are small as alley. There are 2 hot springs in the cave. Visitors can have water bath and steam bath, and the steam bath is called "Natural Sauna". The spring water contains many rare minerals. It is good for cold, periarthritis of shoulder and respiratory tract diseases. The Heat Cave is called the Natural Gem of the World.

Open Naked Bath of East Hot Spring

The Open Naked Bath of East Hot Spring is located on the west bank of Wubu River. It has a long history of about 600 years since Ming Dynasty. Naked bath has become a pure custom of local people. No matter Summer or Winter, day or night, all local people have naked bath here and enjoy it. The custom of this naked bath at East Hot Spring has also become the unique local custom of the southern area of Chongqing. It is called the wonder of East Hot Spring.

Gufo (Old Buddha) Cave

Gufo (Old Buddha) Cave is one of the main scenic spots of East Hot Spring Scenic Area. It is a karst limestone cave. Its length is over 200 meters and it can hold about 300 visitors at the same time. The zigzagging Gufo plank road leads visitors up to the top of Flying Hawk Peak. It is a perfect place to have a bird view of entire East Hot Spring.

Baisha Temple

Baisha Temple, also called Folin (Buddhist Forest) Mountain, is situated on the south bank of Wubu River. The temple faces toward south and is built against mountain. It has a history of 400 years. It is so named because there is an old well where the water is limpid. The Baisha Temple consists of Grand Hall, Tianwang Hall, Cangjing Tower, Wuguan Hall and East & West Wings.

As the tourism of Chongqing develops, East Hot Spring attracts more and more visitors. It has become an ideal place for leisure vacations.