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Shopping in Chongqing

Shopping in Chongqing

Chongqing is one of famous international metropolitan cities in West China. Chongqing is also reputed as the shopping paradise in southwest of china. With the delicate products shipping from the different countries, Chongqing has been beginning to open the door of the world, as Chongqing is a heavily important continental river port by the Yangtze River .

The best places of shopping in Chongqing are Jiefangbei , Chaotianmen , JiangBei Yangjiaping and Nan Ping.

Shopping in Chongqing - Jiefangbei (People's Liberation Monument)

Jiefangbei is the heart of Chongqing. The Jiefangbei commercial Pedestrian Street centers this well-known shopping area. Clusters of modern shopping malls and exclusive shops line the roadsides. Banks, theatres, KTV clubs, bookstores, hotels, bars and pubs are also quite easy to find. Some of the main buildings worth seeing include Chongqing Department Store, New Century Department Store, Commercial Mansion, Carrefour Supermarket and New Oriental Women Plaza.

Shopping in Chongqing - Chaotianmen Market

The Chaotianmen Market, located on East Jiefang Road, is the biggest market in Chongqing. Dealing primarily in Garment wholesale, it is reported that goods traded in the market come from or are sold to more than 200 counties in Sichuan, Hubei and Hunan provinces. Shoppers are expected to find stylish clothes at reasonable prices. You can also bargain with the vendors in most stalls and shops.

Shopping in Chongqing - North Paradise Walk

The North Paradise Walk (Beichengtianjie) in Jiangbei District is now a destination for shopping and entertainment, which is just inferior to the heart- Jiefangbei . At present, there is a large fountain and a business conference center on the commercial pedestrian street in Guanyinqiao. Both the local people and foreign friends like this place. The Paradise Walk will be the best shopping and amusement center.

Shopping in Chongqing - Yangjiaping

Yangjiaping, located at the west part of Chongqing, is the center of Jiulongpo District. The West Paradise Walk (Xichengtianjie) is at the center of Yangjiaping. There are shopping malls, restaurants, cinemas, bars and pubs. The transportation of Yangjiaping is also convenient. People can go there by bus or light rail.

Shopping in Chongqing - Nanbin Road

Nanbin Road boasts a newly opened flower market that has become a leisure hotspot for locals and tourists in Nan Ping. Over 100 flower shops, handicrafts stores and tea houses line both sides of the street. Flower houses in European and traditional Chinese styles have picturesque settings in bright colors and with good smells. In addition to the various kinds of blossoms, you can also find many delicate miniature landscapes. Located at the entrance of Huanggedu Park, Nanbin Flower Market is a great place to go.