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How to choose cabin before Yangtze Cruise?

Choosing a cabin suitable for you is very important for your perfect Yangtze cruise. It is a personal decision, depending on your budget and lifestyle. There are basically four essential factors to choose a cabin: the ship's star rating, the ship's operating history, cabin types and cabin locations.

Ship Star Rating

Generally speaking, the higher the ship's star rating is, the better cabins the ship is equipped with. The cabins may have better wooden furniture, softer beds and high-quality baths and maybe bigger rooms. The cruise ships on Meiya Travel are all five-star and four-star ships, but with different price levels.

Ship Operation History

The shorter the ship's operation history is, the newer its equipment is. The last rennovation date of a ship is also a clue. Most of the Yangtze cruise ships on Meiya Travel are relatively new or have been refurbished.

Cabin Type

Different cabin type varies in different price level on Yangtze Cruise Ships. It doesn't mean that the cabin of the highest price is the best for you. The suitable cabin is the best. Generally, there are four cabin types, including Standard Cabin, Superior Cabin, Executive Suite and Deluxe Suite.

Cabin Locations

Cabin location is the key factor for choosing a cabin and it is not decided in accordance with prices because prices are only dependent on cabin type. Different cabin locations have different advantages and disadvantages. Let's take a look at the layout of most ships. Dinning rooms are usually located on the lower decks, while almost all entertainment areas are situated on the higher decks.

Higher Deck Cabins


Closer to sun deck and all the entertainment areas, such as bars, card rooms, reading rooms, internet bars and spas.

Can get better views.


Further from the dinning rooms and reception. You may need to start a few minutes earlier for meals and to meet at reception for shore excursions. Otherwise you will meet a lot people on the stairs or in small elevators.

You will experience more rocking motion up high, so those who are seasick prone might want to avoid a higher deck cabin. Seasickness happens less during a Yangtze cruise than that on an ocean cruise.

Lower Deck Cabins


Closer to dinning rooms and reception.

Experience a smoother ride than those in higher deck cabins.


Further from the sun deck and all the entertainment areas, such as bars, card rooms, reading rooms, internet bars and spas. If you like enjoying views on the sun deck and entertainments, you'd better choose a higher deck cabin; otherwise you will be climbing the stairs or riding the elevators more from a lower deck.

Views are more limited than from higher deck cabins.

As cabins of the same type in different locations cost the same, you can choose according to your own preferences. Cabins located on the middle deck can be a good choice as they are neither far from the sun deck nor the dining room. However, there may be more passenger traffic outside.

Selecting a cabin is as personal as deciding which ship to cruise on. Everyone is different, and what is not important to one person might well be important to you. How much time you plan to spend in your cabin is a very important factor for choosing a cabin. You might want to spend a little more money for a better cabin with a balcony, if you want to spend more time relaxsing in your cabin, watching TV and enjoying private sun bathing. If you would enjoy sun bathing on the sun deck with other people's company and playing card games in the card rooms, a private balcony may not be that important to you.