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Onboard Notes for Yangtze Cruise



Depending on your own ideas. Casual clothes is better. Because shore excursion requires long-time walk on foot, we advice you to prepare casual shoes.

Summer: It is a little bit hot in summer. We advice you to prepare hat, sunglasses and sun cream.

Spring and autumn: Please prepare sweater, jacket and rain coat.

Winter: It is cold outside cabin, please prepare down coat and winter coat.

Related Papers and Certificates

You have to bring your valid passport with you. You may be denied to board if your passport is overdue.

Ship ticket or "Boarding Notification" is your boarding pass. You need to present your ticket and valid passport or "Boarding Notification" and valid passport while borading, just like the check-in at hotel.


We advice you to purchase related travel insurances before your tour. Although insurance is included in cruise ticket, the ship will only compensate 3,000 dollars at most in case of luggage missing.


The only currency circulated in China is RMB. RMB includes Yuan (dollar), Jiao (dime), Fen (cent). And Yuan includes 100 Yuan, 50 Yuan, 20 Yuan, 10 Yuan, 5 Yuan, 2 Yuan and 1 Yuan; Jiao includes 5 Jiao, 2 Jiao and 1 Jiao; Fen includes 5 Fen, 2 Fen and 1 Fen. But Jiao and Fen are seldom used in China now.

Visitors can exchange for RMB with US Dollar, Japanese Yen, Hongkong Dollar, Deutschmark, France Franc and Pound. It is changed with the rate announced by the government of China. Visitors can also use travel checks and it is more convenient than cash. And international credit card can also be used in China.

Health Care

Please bring the medicines for cold and digestive system with you. Please go to doctor as soon as possible if you do not feel good. There clinic and doctors on Yangtze cruise ships at your service any time. And health care expense is very low. Please do not buy the food, fruits and drinking water of snack booth. Please take some RMB with you during excursion in order to pay for necessary cablecar, sightseeing tickets and tips.

Boarding and Accommodation

Reception Desk

Reception Desk provides you with 24-hour consulting and arrangements, including your bill, cuisine and safety. Any issues you concern will be answered by the reception desk.

Notices After Boarding

Get to know the location of your cabin, and read the Evacuation Plan on the back of door carefully;

Get to know the location where the life jacket places and learn how to use it;

Please be familiar with the itinerary and participate the activities you are interested in. Then make a brief plan of your Three Gorges tour;

Meet your tourist guide;

Get to know your seat in dining room, the seat is usually fixed;

Get to know about the entertainment onboard and the location of ship facilities;

Please put your precious belongs to a safe place, such as passport;

Please clean out your clothes need to be washed;

Please be familiar with the service telephone number of the cruise ship;

All the consumption items are paid before you check-out. The 15% service fee should also be paid. Credit card and cash are all allowed.

Change of Cabin

If you wish to promote your cabin class after boarding, please go and ask reception desk. They will solve the issue if higher class cabin is still available. During the high season, usually there is no cabin left, so please decide the cabin type while reserving.

Precious Personal Belongings

If you have precious belongings need to be put in the safety of cabin room or reception desk, please apply for the safety at the reception desk.

Cruise ship is not responsible for any precious belongings outside safety.

Onboard Consumptions and Services

Luggage Services

There is no limit for the number of luggages. Visitors can put the luggages on the luggage rack in cabin or hand them over for safekeeping. The luggages of private tour guests will be transferred onboard by travel agency with no fees. Usually, the ship also provides group tour guests with luggage services. But the group tour guests should pay for the services with 1-2 dollars per luggage.

Cuisine Onboard

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are arranged for guests. Breakfast is Chinese and Western buffet. Lunch and dinner are usually Chinese food, but some western dishes can be prepared in accordance with the demand of guests.

Lunch begins around 12:00am and dinner begins at 07:00pm or later.

If you have some special demand (such as vegetarian or Muslim), please tell us while ordering the cruise ticket. We will try our best to meet your needs.

24-hour room services are offered, but you need to tell the reception desk in advance.

Soft Drink and Alcohol

The ship only offers free soft drink and beer. You need to pay for other kinds of alcohol drinks.

Meanwhile, free drinks are limited.

Guests are not allowed to bring your own drinks and alcohols to dining hall, bar and entertainment center.

About Smoking

According to the law of China, smoking at public places is not allowed. Please go to deck or smoking on the ship to smoke. Besides, some cruise ships set up non-smoking storey, please reserve in advance.

Laundry Service

There are Laundry Bag and Laundry Form in cabin. You can fill the form and put your clothes into the bag. Room service staff will send the form and bag to Laundry Service and send it back to your cabin as soon as your clothes has been washed.

Drinking Water

Every cruise ship on Yangtze River is equiped with advanced water filter. The drinking water offered conforms to the national standard of drinking water.

Telephone and Fax

You can use GMS telephone during Yangtze River cruise to keep contact with your family and friends.

If you cannot make long distance call in your cabin, you need to go to Business Center to make.

Business Center

Telecommunication, telegram and fax are offered at any time. Generally, Yangtze cruise ships are equiped with satellite telephone and fax. Other business services are also provided, such as copier, computer, slide projector and typewriter.

Conference and Private Party

If you wish to hold conference on ship, please let us know when you make reservation. We will reply to let you know whether we can make arrangement for you.

If you wish to give private party, you can make appointment in advance at reception desk.


There is shopping center on ship. You can buy daily supplies and food.

There are many shops along Yangtze Rivers to sell different handicraft articles and souvenirs. Bargaining is necessary, especially for expensive goods, such as jade, ancient coins, paintings and calligraphic works, fossils, wooden articles made of Nanmu or Red Wood and bronzeware.

Payment for Onboard Consumption

You will get a boarding card after check in. You can use this card to make consumptions. And the bill should be paid with cash or credit card after ship arrives at your destination.

Notice for Sightseeing and Activities

Shore Excursion

You will get a guest card before your leave the ship. The card must be given to the reception desk after you get back to the ship. During the excursion to Lesser Three Gorges or Shennong Stream, you will be asked to put on life jacket to ensure your safety.

Please be notified that you must remember the name of the cruise ship, docking wharf and the cruising time.

If you do not know the way back to the ship, you can show your guest card or any information about the your cruise ship to local tourism employees or any civilians. They will be willing to tell the way back to ship to you.

Activities Onboard

Besides shore excursions, different and colorful activities are arranged for you.

Different cruise ship has different activities. Usually, the ship will offer cabaret show, ship facility lecture, lecture about Three Gorges, lecture about traditional Chinese calligraphy, lecture about Chinese cuisine culture and Tai Chi Chuan. You are free to choose depending on your own interest.

Photo and Video

The scenery of Three Gorges are beautiful and magnificent. You need to keep the beautiful scenery not only in your mind, but also in your camera. Therefore, you need to prepare camera and battery. And it will be better if you also prepare waterproof equipment.