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Notes for Three Gorges Cruise

Brief Introduction

Thie article mainly explains the notice for Three Gorges Cruise: Preparation (Clothing, Sun Protection, Shoes), Boarding and Accommodation (procedure), related issues after boarding (cabin, tourist guide, consumption), sightseeing and activities.

Tips for Three Gorges Cruise

Three Gorges (Qutang Gorge, Wuxia Gorge, Xiling Gorge) and its scenic spots are seen on board and no tickets are required. But the location of the sightseeing is very important. Therefore visitors need to pay attention to the notification from tourist guide, radio of ship or the advices of cruiseship staff.

Some attractions requires shore excursion, including Fengdu Ghost City, Zhangfei Temple, Shibaozhai, Lesser Three Gorges, White Emperor City, Qu Yuan Temple, Shennong Stream, Three Gorges Dam, Yueyang Tower, Jinzhou Ancient City and so on (different ship for different attractions). Visitors need to listen to the radio and the advice of tourist guide, and remember the docking wharf and the cruising time. Visitors must get back to the ship before the ship leaves.

Please take care of your safety and personal belongings. You should take care of yourself not to fall into river during the cruise, especially the kids. Please bring your cash and valuable personal belongings (camera for instance) with you while leaving your cabin and lock the door.

You can choose to take cableway or not at Fengdu Ghost City.

Shore excursions require walking by foot, so you need to wear casual shoes.

And umbrella is also necessary during your Three Gorges cruise.

Because of the strong wind onboard, you should prepare sweaters or coats during spring and autumn; and warm clothes during winter, down coats etc. And you can bring sunglasses and sun cream during summer.

Preparation Before Leaving

  • Clothing: Depending on your own ideas. Casual clothes is better. Because shore excursion requires long-time walk on foot, we advice you to prepare casual shoes.
  • Summer: It is a little bit hot in summer. We advice you to prepare hat, sunglasses and sun cream.
  • Spring and autumn: Please prepare sweater, jacket and rain coat.
  • Winter: It is cold outside cabin, please prepare down coat and winter coat.

Tips About Three Gorges Cruise Ship

Boarding and Accommodation

Three Gorges cruise ship is like a floating hotel on the river. The boarding procedure and accomodation is similar to the check-in procedure of hotel.

Notes After Boarding

Get to know the location of your cabin, and read the Evacuation Plan on the back of door carefully;

Get to know the location where the life jacket places and learn how to use it;

Please be familiar with the itinerary and participate the activities you are interested in. Then make a brief plan of your Three Gorges cruise;

Meet your tourist guide;

Get to know your seat in dining room, the seat is usually fixed;

Get to know about the entertainment onboard and the location of ship facilities;

Please put your precious belongs to a safe place, such as passport;

Please clean out your clothes need to be washed;

Please be familiar with the service telephone number of the cruise ship;

All the consumption items are paid before you check-out. The 15% service fee should also be paid. Credit card and cash are all allowed.

Shore Excursion

You will get a guest card before you leave the ship. The card must be given to the reception desk after you get back to the ship. During the excursion to Lesser Three Gorges or Shennong Stream, you will be asked to put on life jacket to ensure your safety.

Please be notified that you must remember the name of the cruise ship, docking wharf and the cruising time.

If you do not know the way back to the ship, you can show your guest card or any information about the your cruise ship to local tourism employees or any civilians. They will be willing to tell you the way back to ship.

Activities Onboard

Besides shore excursions, different and colorful activities are arranged for you during the Three Gorges cruise.

Different cruise ship has different activities. Usually, the ship will offer cabaret show, ship facility lecture, lecture about Three Gorges, lecture about traditional Chinese calligraphy, lecture about Chinese cuisine culture and Tai Chi Chuan. You are free to choose depending on your own interest.

Photo and Video

The scenery of Three Gorges are beautiful and magnificent. You need to keep the beautiful scenery not only in your mind, but also in your camera. Therefore, you need to prepare camera and battery. And it will be better if you also prepare waterproof equipment.