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Yangtze Cruise Reservation

Easy Steps to Reserve Yangtze Cruise Ship

Step 1 Confirm Boarding Date, Route, Ship Rank

Please confirm boarding date first and visit www.meiyatravel.com to check available cruise ships around your boarding date.

Downstream routes are Chongqing to Yichang and Chongqing to Shanghai; Upstream routes are Yichang to Chongqing and Shanghai to Chongqing. Please check whether there is proper route on or around your boarding date.

Please confirm the ship rank meeting your need. There may be different ships departing on the same date or through the same route. Different price for different ship.

Step 2 Reservation

If you need to know more details, please contact us by E-mail or Telephone.

E-mail is meiyatravel@hotmail.com. Telephone number is 86 23-86915020

Because the Yanntze Cruise Ship Ticket is in great demand, please reserve as soon as possible. Please provide your name, country, passport number, contact details. (We will keep your personal information confidential)

Please consider whether you need pick up service, hotel reservation and other travel services provided by us.

Step 3 Confirmation

We will contact you in 24 hours by phone or E-mail after receiving your reservation. And we will send you a Confirmation of Cruise Reservation as soon as the ship ticket has been successfully reserved.

Step 4 Payment

Please make your payment as soon as you receive the Confirmation of Cruise Reservation to preserve your ship ticket. The payment method is Wire Transfer.

Step 5 Start Your Yangtze Cruise

We will send you a Boarding Voucher after receiving your payment. Then, you can start your Yangtze Cruise. Besides, we advice you to read Onboard Notes for Yangtze Cruise carefully. This is helpful for your happy Yangtze Cruise.

Step 6 Feedback

Your after-journey feebback is always welcomed. Your advices are important for us to improve our services.