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Xueyu Cave

Brief Introduction of Xueyu Cave

One of Top Six Most Beautiful Show Caves in China" ranked by China National Geoegraphy Magazine is Xueyu (Snow Jade) Cave in Fengdu County of Chongqing Municipality

The Xueyu Cave speleothems are predominantly 'white as snow, delicate as jade.' The Union of Speleology of the Geological Society of China established China's first cave observation station here. Exquisite and rich in deposits, the Xueyu Cave has the largest-scale and most numerous pointed coral-shaped calcite crystal features.

In March 2005, when Professor Elery Hamilton-Smith, Chairman of the Special Cave Working Group of the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Nature Resources visited the Xueyu Cave, he commented that of all ten thousand caves he had investigated the Xueyu Cave was the most beautiful.

Xueyu Cave is 1,644 meters in length with 1,166 meters of that open to visitors. There are 3 levels divided into 6 visiting areas, including 4 world wonders, 10 superb scenes, and more than 100 sights. And, at only 20,000 years, it is also the youngest growing stalactite cave in the world. At present, Xueyu Cave has two attractions that have made it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

"Four Bests of the world in Xueyu Cave"

First, Snow Jade Penguin

This stone shield ,looking like a penguin, is made of carbonate rocks. It is about 4 meters high and is the King of Stone Shield in the world.

Second, Sha Chang Qiu Dian Bing (Gathering and Reviewing Soldiers at Battleground During Autumn)

It has the largest-scale and most numerous pointed coral-shaped calcite. Its name comes from a poem written by Xin Qiji in Song Dynasty.

Third, Coral Skeleton Forest

It is the place what is the most desense area of coral skeletons.

Fourth, King of Stone Flag

It is a huge stone flag. Its vertical height is about 8 meters and it is as thin as a wing of cicadas.

Best time to go


Its average temperature is 64.4F, with the lowest average temperature of 42.8F to 46.4F in winter and the hottest average temperature of 80.6F to 100.4F in summer.

Nearby Scenic Spots

Longhe River Valley, Drift on Longhe River, Nantian Lake, Tanzi Ralley, Three Gorges, Fengdu Ghost City, Hengha Temple, Mingshan Mountain Scenic Area, Shuanggui Mountain, etc.

Local Snacks and Specialties

Preserved Sichuan Pickle, Xianjia Bean-curd, Mengpo Tea, Spicy & hot chicken, Shenqu Wine, etc. The dishes made by Tujia Nationality.

Travel Tips

Be sure to respect local ethical customs and traditions.

The totem of Tujia Nationality is White-tiger.

In summer, it is extremely hot, and in autumn, it is rainy.