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Three Gorges Tribe

Three Gorges Tribe

The most beautiful place of Three Gorges – Three Gorges Tribe Scenic Spot

Three Gorges Tribe, national AAAA scenic area, consists of the Village on the Water, the Brook-Side Village, the Mountain Village. It has become the wonderful route of new Three Gorges tour. With combining natural sceneries and regional culture, it attracts visitors all over the world.

The scenic area has been officially designated as a "Protected Center of the Popular Culture and Art of the Three Gorges." The Three Gorges Tribe is located on Xiling Gorge in the city of Yichang, between the Three Gorges Dam and the Gezhouba Dam, in a region of mountains and streams where the scenery has the beauty of landscape paintings. Young women dance and sing as old sailboats moor placidly below stilt houses hidden in the bamboo grove. Maidens wash clothes by the brook side with their whirling batons, fishermen cast their nets in the misty distance… Entering the region feels like coming from afar into a dreamland garden.

There are rocks, waterfalls, caves and springs. Magnificent mountains, elegant water, wonderful caves and splendid waterfalls are combined into a traditional Chinese painting. Three Gorges Tribe is a cultural blend of Ba culture. Essence of the culture develops here. The Three Gorges Tribe is born to be the legend of new Three Gorges tour.

The village on the water

At the juncture between the Longjin Brook and Yangtze River locates the Village on the Water, with the green mountains covered by mist against the blue water, is like a beautiful landscape painting. The people here, from generation to generation, live off the mountains and waters, and stretch their ancient culture of fishing life.

The Stream-side Tribe

Located by a stream and against mountains, the Stream-Side Tribe is surrounded by mountains full of greenness, with the half on the land and the half into the water. You will feel like slandering in the fairyland with the fine rain breezing.

The Mountain-top Tribe

The hanging houses on the top of the mountain is called by the modern architect as "building with railing style". Due to the steep terrene along the Three Gorges area, buildings here, with Banana trees planted around, are mostly built by the mountains with wood materials. Its name come after the fact that pillar and wall needs to be established when facing the almost vertical ridges, and its unique lies in its low front and high behind, passage on the side and the balcony in the behind.

It reflects the spirit of optimistic, fun and love of life of the people living in the gorges area. On the suspension building with windy passage and looking around, picturesque scenery will bring you with great pleasant feelings.

The Shadow Play Stone

The four stones on the top of mountain are very much like the master and the three apprentices in the classic novel "Journey to the West". Among the four ones, the most famous one is called Shaseng stone, which stands at the mountain peak of the cliffs taking the form of mushroom. It weighs to more than 100 tons while the bottom is only 200 square centimeters. Every square centimeter bears the weight of nearly half ton on average, which rates as a wonder of the world.

The Shadow Play Cave

The shadow-play Cave, which is about 1500 meters in length, feels deep and quiet.

Terrene in this cave takes on a look of great magnificence and is changeable. The stones with colors such as black, white, yellow, gray and green and different shapes form an miraculous scenery here. When hit with hand, a king voice like drum or gong can be heard. Furthermore, visitors may be surprised at underground water-flow which is about 30 meters high, with various of melodious sounds.

Toad Spring

Toad Spring, which runs day and night, provides the best water for tea making. Lu Yu, who was a famous scholar in the Tang dynasty, drunk the water from the spring and called it "the forth spring in the world". Before the construction of Gezhouba Dam and Three Gorges Dam, there was a stone like a toad by the spring. Many ancient poets and scholars like Suzhe, Huangtingjian, Wangshizhen and Zhangzhidong etc, have left their letters on this spring here.

King Ba Palace

The King Ba palace, a construction of the Ba tribes with the materials of huge stones and wood, is a history from prosperity to decadency of a nationality, gorgeous life history of one tribe leader. Here, crowing of cocks and the barking of dogs were within hearing of each other, and ducks and gooses are playing together. You may see all kinds of ancient planting tools, and smoke curls upwards on the house roof. The inner house is filled with fragrant tea flavor.

Boatman Performance

Suppose you have the chance to sand by the side of the Xiling Gorge with surging torrent, hearing the forceful and plain roaring of the boatman, you must will be deeply impressed by this ancient musical sound, which, sometimes, may put you in mind of the hard life of the boatman living in the three gorges area thounds of years ago……

The Longxi Bridge

The clear Longxi moves slowly passing one Passage Bridge- Longxi Bridge with four arching caves and six pillars, spanning above green water, into the Yangtze River, under such circumstance, you couldn't help to remembering one romantic poet. While there exists one beautiful girl from the farmhouse standing on the boat that floats on the surface of water, singing one plain folk song. Even you have one painting pen, still such scenery of Shangri-la can't be produced.

The Moon-inviting Pavilion

Its name comes after the poem of Libai, one famous ancient Chinese poet of Tang dynasty, "hold upward wineglass to invite the bright moon". Putting one pot of wine with fragrant flavor in this high summer pavilion that overlooks the Bright-moon Bay below, and hold upward wineglass to invite the bright moon, what a miraculous scenery will it be. Under such circumstance, although it is not in the heaven, but feels very much like in it.

Long history and beautiful natural sceneris blend here to make a unique scenic area of new Three Gorges.