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Jiuwan Stream

Jiuwan Stream, located at Zigui County, rises from Yun Taihuang. It extends a length of 42.3 kilometers. The main scenery of the stream is gorges and karst scenes. With beautiful hills on both banks and well preserved ecological system, it becomes the new Top 10 Sceneries of Three Gorges.

Land Section of Jiuwan Stream

The scenic area of Jiuwan Stream consists of water section and land section. The land section starts from Jiuwanxi Bridge to Jiuwanxi Power Station. The sceneries on this section includes Xiannu Mountain, Jieya, Lovers Peak, Shenniu Spring, General Rock, Scissors Cliff and Monk Rock. And hanging coffins can also been seen along this section. Visitors can drift along the stream by raft. The raft drifting makes you excited and the virgin natural scenery gives you relaxing trip.

Water Section of Jiuwan Stream

After the completion of Three Gorges Dam, the drifting of Jiuwan Stream is divided into two parts. The first part is leisure sightseeing drifting and the second part is exciting adventure drifting. The first part is full of green hills and strange peaks. Magnificent Three Gorges Dam, dangerous Kongling Showl and mighty General Rock well present the beauty and magnificence of Three Gorges. It is also joyful for visitors to cruise through it.

In 2005, a new tourist project was developed. It presents a new tourism concept which is "Sport, Leisure and Health".