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Three Natural Bridges

The Three Natural Bridges is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located about 12 kilometers north of Wulong in Chongqing Municipality.

There are three natural bridges. Natural Bridge No.1 (Heavenly Dragon Bridge) is 67 meters long, 30 meters wide and 97 meters high across a deep pond. It is a magnificent arch bridge in perfect shape, built by nature.

Bridge No.2 (Blue Dragon Bridge) not far from No.1, is a bit smaller than the first, but nevertheless more steep and dangerous-looking. At the northern and southern ends of the bridge stands sheer precipices with overhanging rocks, and on the bridge grow thick trees and grass, while overhanging from the bridge are stalactites of strange shapes. After the rains, a waterfall pours over the bridge and forms a mist. When the sunset reflects on the mist, a colorful rainbow emerges like a dragon ascending to the heaven.

Bridge No.3 (Black Dragon Bridge) is the strangest one. Standing in a narrow valley, part of a mountain forms the bridge and the bridge opening is a cave between two mountains. Five bold Chinese characters are inscribed above the opening of the cave, meaning "Limestone Cave, Residence of King of Ba". Only when seen at a distance can it be recognized as a bridge. It is 1,250 meters long and 700 meters wide, with a cave as its opening. This bridge is also noted for its four springs with tortuous trickles of stream.

According to some scientists, the three natural bridges are products of the Yanshan Movement. The local people call them the Heavenly Dragon Bridg, the Blue Dragon Bridge, and the Black Dragon Bridge respectively. This is the largest group of natural bridges so far found in Asia.