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Nanbin Road

Nanbin Road

Nanbin Road, located at the riverside of Nan'an District, stands acroos the river toward Yuzhong District. It is a city park scenic area, extending 25 kilometers and covering an area of 160 square kilometers. It is a leisure sightseeing avenue which combines flood control, cuisine and entertainment together. The 100-year Nanbin witnesses the blend of Eastern and Western cultures, rise and fall of Chinese people and the great development of Chongqing.

Visitors can view the most beautiful night scenes of Chongqing, also the scenery of Yangtze River and Nanshan Mountain. Bayu culture, Religion culture, Port Opening culture, Dayu culture, Harbor culture and Wartime Capital culture are like pearls inlayed along the road. It gives Nanbin Road profound historical and cultural background and development values of cultural industry. Thus, it get the reputation as "The Bund of Chongqing".

Nanbin Road is not only a traffic artery, but also the first leisure business area of China. There are a large number of cuisine, entertainment, hotel, office and luxurious apartment projects gathering here.

It is also the best place for the sightseeing of Yuzhong Peninsula and the paradise of delicious food. There are 68 famous restaurants in total, such as Tao Ran Ju, Dezhuang, Shunfeng 123 and Yuxin, etc. In the March of 2007, Nanbin Road was awarded as The Street of Chinese Delicious Food by China Association of Cuisines.

Everyone who has been to Paris can not forget the Seine River with armorous feelings. In a way, Nanbin Road is similar to Seine River in the field of scenery and culture. Having delicous food and enjoy night scenes at Nanbin Road, is not just the favorite of Chongqing people, but also the must-go trip of foreign visitors.