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Jialing River Cableway

Jialing River Cableway

Brief Introduction

Chongqing City, built on mountains and water, combines vitality and peace into itself. Especially the cableway across the river can provide visitors with unique experience in China. In the carriage of cableway, visitors seems to watch the whole city on the clouds. There are two cableways in Chongqing. One is Jiangling River Cableway and the other is Yangtze River Cableway.

Unique Landscape

The cableway is the unique landscape of Chongqing. It is not only the "Air Bus" connecting both banks, but also the "Cross-river Sightseeing Car". Chongqing is famous for its mountains. Taking cableway is the best way for visitors to watch the night scene of the "Mountain City".


Jiangling River Cableway, built in 1982, is the first passenger cableway in China. Yangtze River Cableway, built in 1987, is the called "The No.1 Cross-river Passenger Cableway". In the daytime, visitors can look far to mountains and watch the splendid concourse of Jiangling and Yangtze River in the carriage of the cableway. At night, colorful hanging houses of Hong Yadong, brilliantly illuminated Chao Tianmen Port and shining riverside road are all under your feet.