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North Hot Spring

History of North Hot Spring

North Hot Spring of Chongqing is the former Hot Spring Temple, built in South and North Dynasty. It has a long history of about 1,600 years. And it is one of the earliest hot springs in the world, which is still in use. So, it is called the Hometown of China Hot Spring. Chongqing is called the Capital of Hot Spring, which is full of hot springs. And North Hot Spring is the best of Chongqing hot springs. The inscription "No.1 Hot Spring" of Wu Ying Dian Cabinet Leader of Yongzheng's reign in Qing Dynasty is carved on the cliff along Jialing River. The tempreture of North Hot Spring is 38°C and the daily amount of water gushing reaches 6,000 to 8,636 tons.

Garden Art of North Hot Spring

The North Hot Spring is also the masterpiece of Chongqing gardens. It is delicate and elegant, combining temple, hill, water, forest, spring, gorge and cave together. And it is also a potted landscape park. Visitors can feel hill and river, hot spring and gorge, stream and waterfall, forest and old temple. It features in servene, dangerous and magnificent hills and water of Chongqing. In 1982, it was announced to be one of the first 44 national tourist attractions of China by State Council. And it is awarded as AAAA scenic area in 2002.

Attractions of North Hot Spring

The North Spring has many attractions of historical interest. In 1259, Mengge, emperor of Yuan Dynasty, died in Hot Spring Temple after the failure at Fishing City. The present Hot Spring Temple was rebuilt in Ming and Qing Dynasty. It consists of Guansheng Hall, Jieyin (Welcoming) Hall, Dafo (Giant Buddha) Hall and Guanyin (Goddess of Mercy) Hall. The buildings are splendid and magnificent, which are covered with red eaves and green tiles. There are rock carvings of Song Dynasty behind the Temple. There are 18 Buddhist saint sculptures carved during Song Dynasty. Carved monkeys, tigers and dragons are around the sculptures.

Natural Resources of North Hot Spring

The North Hot Spring is also rich in natural resources. There are Ruhua Cave and different unique plants. Within over 90% forest cover, the scenic area is covered with green trees and other rare plant species.

Through continuous building and development, the North Hot Spring has become the best place to enjoy hot spring and garden beauty.