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Zhangfei Temple

Zhangfei Temple

Zhangfei Temple, situated on Feifeng (Flying Phonix) Mountain across Yunyang County, is also called Zhang Huanhou Temple. It is built in memory of a famous general Zhangfei in the period of Three Kingdoms. It has a long history of over 1,700 years.

In 2002, the Zhangfei Temple was moved 20 miles westward from the original place because of the water storage of the Three Gorges Dam Project. Now located in Long'an Village of Panlong Town, the Zhangfei Temple is just opposite to the New Town of Yunyang.

Legend of Zhangfei Temple

The legend says that after Zhangfei was assassinated by his 2 soldiers, his head was cut off and throwen to Yangtze River. Fortunately, his head was found by a fishermen and buried at the foot of Feifeng Mountain. Zhangfei is respected by people because of his personal loyalty and courage, so the temple was built in memory of him. (More Details)

Constructions of Zhangfei Temple

The gate of the temple opens to the northwest, meaning to look in the direction of Huiling in Chengdu, the tomb of Liubei, Zhang's sworn brother and emperor. The temple, verdant with ancient trees, consists of Jieyi Building, the main hall, the side hall, Wangyun Building, Zhufeng Building and the Peony Pavilion, with elegant courtyards connected by zigzagging paths.

The Helpful Wind Pavilion, built 850 years ago, contains steles and huge portraits of the general and his wife. It is said that his spirit, in the form of a helpful wind, frequently assisted passing boats. Junkmen used to stop at the temple to light firecrackers and burn incense in appreciation.

Cultural Relics of Zhangfei Temple

In the temple there is a rich collection of historical cultural relics, with more than 360 stone tablets and stone carvings, 217 woodcut picture prints, calligraphic works and paintings done in the long history form the Han Dynasty to Ming and Qing Dynasty. The most valuable treasures among them include the Zhangbiao Tablet of the Han Dynasty, the Tianlin Tablet of the Liang dynasty, the poetic Prose on the Orchid in Hunag Tingjian's (a famous calligrapher in Song Dynasty) handwriting, Zhuge Liang's Memorial on Going to War in Yue Fei's (a patriot general in Song Dynasty) handwriting, and paintings and calligraphic works by Zheng Banqiao (a famous poet and writer in Qing Dynasty).