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Dachang Ancient Town

Dachang Ancient Town

Brief Introduction of Dachang Ancient Town

Dachang Ancient Town is located 10 kilometers north to the mouth of Dicui Gorge in Wushan County. The ancient town was built in Jin Dynasty. It has 1,700 years history and is the best preserved ancient town of Three Gorges. The town covers an area of 10 hectares. The east and west avenues are about 350 meters long, the north and south avenues are about 200 meters. It is called a "Mini Ancient Town".

History of Dachang Ancient Town

The ancient town of Dachang used to be a county seat, a trade and business center and a strategic point contested by all military commanders. Although the town went through wars, it remains the original customs and traditions. (More Details)

Scenic Spots of Dachang Ancient Town

There are three gates remained in Dachang Ancient Town, the east is Chaoyang Gate, the west is Yongfeng Gate and the south is Tongji Gate. All gates are well preserved. And there are also the ancient streets built in Ming and Qing Dynasty. The monumental gateway and the carved beams and painted rafters of the building complex present perfect ancient style.

Old Pagoda Tree at the South Gate

Near the South Gate of the town, there is an old pagoda tree planted on arch. It is like a guardian who protect the South Gate. Two stone lions ,standing by both side of the gate, seem to remind people of the past glory of this ancient town.

Wen's House

It is a typical one of the houses built in later Ming and early Qing Dynasty. The house is a twofold quadrangle house with three small yards surrounded by dozens of rooms. Although the paint on the beams and walls has come off. It still has a majestic air about it. In fact, Wen's House is the epitome of Dachang Ancient Town. According archaeological studies in 2000, this ancient town is possibly the capital of the State of Ba.