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Chongqing Wild Zoo

Chongqing Wild Zoo

Chongqing Wild Zoo is located at Yongchuan County. This area is covered with beautiful hills and green waters. The average tempreture of this area is 17.8℃. It is perfect for the breeding and growing of wild animals.

Animals of Chongqing Wild Zoo

Chongqing Wild Zoo covers an area of 5,000 acres, consisting of Square, Walking Zone, Bus Zone, Parking Lot, Service Zone and Jin Lanwan International Resort. The zoo introduced 430 rare animal species from Japan, Cuba, Tanzania, Netherland, Argentina, Singapore, Egypt, South Africa. The species include the only one Golden Tiger in China, rare Silver Tiger and White Tiger. And there are also Tragelaphus angasii, Hartebeest and Meerkat that are firstly introduced into China. The theme of the zoo is "Return to Nature", which makes visitors seem to adventure in nature. This also reduces the distance between human and animals, or the distance between human and nature.

Facilities of Chongqing Wild Zoo

Visitors can not only enjoy the leisure sightseeing, but also have delicious food and considerate services. There are 4 restaurants in Chongqing Wild Zoo, such as Longfengxuan Flavor Restaurant, Hefeng Leisure Restaurant, Songtaoge Short Order Restaurant and Jin Lanwan Restaurant. All four restaurants can hold 1,800 people dining at the same time. The Jin Lanwan International Resort combines accomodation, conference and entertainment together, which can hold 180 visitors. It provides visitors with not only good services but also beautiful scenery in the resort.

The Chongqing Wild Zoo was awarded as AAAA tourist attraction by National Tourism Administration of China in 2004. It has become the essence of Chongqing tour after Three Gorges and Dazu Grottoes.