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Chongqing People's Grand Hall

Chongqing People's Grand Hall

Chongqing People's Grand Hall - Brief Introduction

Chongqing People's Grand Hall is one of the symbolic buildings in Chongqing and it is designed based on traditional Chinese architecture that was in fashion in Ming, Qing Dynasty. It is an archaized ethnic architectural complex built in 1951, remedied newly in 2006. Resplendent and magnificent, the whole complex can be devided into four parts, namely the Great Auditorium, West Building, South Building and North Building.

Chongqing People's Grand Hall - Architectural Features

The buildings of the complex with well-proportioned height and width stand in symmetry due to the traditional mode of symmetric construction, matched with colonnades and two wings and a tower erecting behind.

The shape of the hall resembles the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. With dark green roof tile with colored glaze, red colonnade, white railings, double-eaved and corbel bracket and the painting buildings with carved beams, it provides visitors with resplendent and magnificent scenery.

The main body of the hall looks much like Qiniandian(the Hall of Prayer for Googd Harvest) of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. And the gatehouse is very similar to the gatehouse of Tiananmen Square. The Temple of Heaven is the place where emperor prays for seasonable weather for crop raising. So the resembling design of Chongqing People's Grand Hall also symblizes an auspicious omen means the country flourishes and people live in peace.

The whole buildings of complex covers an area of 66 thousand square meters with a 4,200-seat auditorium which covers an area of 18.5 thousand square meters. The hall is 65 meters high. The headway of the auditorium is 55 meters and the inner diameter of it is 46.33 meters.

Three Features of Chinese Traditional Architecture

First, because of the limits of wood length, thickness, inflammable and perishable feature, Chinese ancient wooden structure buildings can not be very large. So the buildings will utilize not only geographical conditions and a huge pedestal, but also well-organized complex to realize magnificent view.

Second, The unit of Chinese ancient buildings are mainly formed with yards. And it finally forms building complex of variations with obvious axis relation, series connection and parallel connection

Third, ancient buildings are well-proportioned. The curves of all parts of dome are beautiful and elegant. The thick body and the wide pedestal of the hall make the whole building more steady and show the solemn beauty of it.

Chongqing People's Grand Hall - Nearby Attractions

There are some other famous attractions of Chongqing near to the grand hall.

Three Gorges Museum

Chongqing Three Gorges Meseum is a public cultural and educational organization for the protection, research and presentation of regional history heritage in Chongqing and Three Gorges.

Chongqing People's Square

Chongqing People's Square was built in the same year when Chongqing became the fourth municipality of China, covering 30,000 square meters. It is paved with granite and equiped with musical fountains. It is also one of the popular scenic spots in Chongqing.