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Chongqing Grand Theater

Chongqing Grand Theater

Chongqing Grand Theater – Brief Introduction

Chongqing Grand Theater is situated on a headland above the Yangtze River, directly opposite the business district of the Chongqing metropolis. The uniqueness of the location and the panoramic view of the imposing cityscape, together with the building's sculptural architecture, will make the theater a new landmark of Chongqing.

Chongqing Grand Theater – Architectural Features

Glass Building

A stone platform base supports the glass sculpture; the ground plan and elevation are subject to strict functional requirements de-spite their seemingly arbitrary expressiveness and maritime analogy.

Chongqing Grand Theater does not have the typical facades made up of wall and window surfaces. Due to the light that urges its way out from the inside, and the reflections of the sun, clouds and water on the complex-angled and broken glass surfaces, the building appears to glow in new moods created by the light. Wherever daylight and sunshine make their way into the building's interior, the glass shell becomes a climatic skin allowing for views in and out of the building, connecting the interior and the exterior.

Water Air Conditioner

Because the theater is near to Yangtze River, it utilizes the thermal principle of water to keep the tempreture inside the theater. It is called water air conditioner. This kind of water air conditioner can save about 30% power. It is the biggest building which uses water air conditioner in the world.

Concert Halls

Both concert halls with their respective foyers are situated in the longitudinal axis, similar to the keel line of a ship, thus forming entrance areas at the bow and the stern. In the center, in other words midship of these entrance areas, is the exhibition hall, which joins all the theater foyers together. All kinds of performances and events can take place simultaneously, independent of one another.