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Baguo City

Baguo City

Brief Introduction of Baguo City

Baguo City (Ba Kingdom City) is a building complex in the style of ancient Ba which inherits and develops the history and culture of Ba Kingdom. The buildings also assimilate the architectural essence of Han and Tang Dynasty. Baguo City, an open ecological park, cultural and leisure square, is a multi-functional tourism project combining culture, sightseeing, travel, leisure, cuisine, entertainment, business and conference together.

Baguo City – The Only Ecological Old Town of Chongqing

Baguo City, covering an area of 350 acres, is the only large-scale palace architectural and ecological tourism old town of Chongqing, also the base for Ba cultural education, research and propaganda. It has become an important site of One-day Tour of Chongqing and a namecard of Chongqing culture and business.

Tourist Attractions in Baguo City

A statue of a legendary figure of Ba Kingdom, General Ba Manzi, stands in the front of the gate of Baguo City. The General faces the Ba Culture Square and 4 totem pillars which presents the developing history of Ba people. There is a Ba Kingdom Opera Theater. A grand historical opera "Ba Guo Shen Yun" which represents Ba people's life, manufacturing, war and love will be on show in this theater. And a lot of ancient articles are exhibited in Ba People Museum, including ancient swords, farming tools and so on. There is also a public ecological theme park which covers an area of over 230 acres. There are lake, towers and pavilions, bridges and streams in the park. Every scenic spot is showing the history and culture of Ba Kingdom to visitors.